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your life’s meaning and purpose
liveWELL Tip:
Take an inventory of your time. What distractions are keeping you from the things that really matter?
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your mindset

liveWELL Tip:
Being in nature or even viewing scenes of nature (think screensaver,) reduces anger, fear, and stress and increases pleasant feelings.
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liveWELL Tip:
We all want someone to lift us up in times of trouble.
Who can lift you up?

Benefits of Recharge⁺ ™:

  • Receive tailored text messages based on the areas where you can see the greatest improvement.
  • Participate on the go. Schedule text messages for a time that works best for you.
  • Access the program all year long to build consistency. Complete your assessment every 30 days to track your progress and prioritize long-term health.

Get Started!

1. Visit Employee Self-Service >> Benefits &Wellness >> Personal Health Assessment and Recharge+

Pro Tip: You must complete Personal Health Assessment first

2. Complete Recharge+ survey

3. Opt-in for text messages

Pro Tip: Once you receive your first text message, be sure to reply to confirm (this is an essential step to getting your tailored messages!)

Recharge+ can be repeated every 30 days

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