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Benefits of Taking the PHA

Take your Personal Health Assessment (PHA) each calendar year and receive:

  • A tailored feedback report

  • 100 points added to your My liveWELL Portal (at Employee Self-Service I Benefits & Wellness)

  • Entry into a monthly drawing for $250. (Two winners every month!)

  • Eligibility for the Recreational Membership Incentive Program and other well-being services

  • Free Health Coaching

To take your PHA go to Employee Self-Service. Click on “Benefits & Wellness." At the next screen, click on “Personal Health Assessment,” and then click “Continue to the PHA and Recharge+." After you complete your PHA, you can opt-in to wellness tips via text message and complete the Recharge+ program which helps with your resilience.

Personal Health Assessment Overview

The PHA survey tool consists of valid and reliable questions related to individual lifestyle habits and health-history factors that have the greatest impact on individual health. Lifestyle questions focus on exercise, nutrition, diabetes risk, smoking, alcohol, stress, well-being and chronic health conditions.

Additionally, the PHA addresses your “readiness to change” which determines tailored suggestions to meet your specific needs. Some questions relate to how improved health status and well-being can lead to increased work performance.

The PHA takes 10-15 minutes to complete, and you can complete it during work time. If you need to exit the survey before you reach the end, the program will save your answers for 14 days.

Frequently Asked Questions About the PHA

UI faculty and staff in 50% or greater, regular positions are eligible to take the PHA. 

Limited UI Wellness Staff have access to client and user information. Please review our privacy practice notice. Your personalized feedback report and individual responses are intended only to help you if you are interested in engaging with the resources and tools provided. 

For participation in the Personal Health Assessment, information will be stored on a secure system that resides with our third party vendor, Pro-Change Behavior Solutions. We (UI Wellness/liveWELL) do report information in aggregate format only for the purpose of sharing population health trends over time, identifying key areas of focus, and sharing progress. This is important to us so that we understand the needs of the UI population and focus our resources accordingly. 

Individual health information will not be reviewed with you or others without your specific consent. 

  1. SUPPORT THE INDIVIDUAL - We want to connect you, an employee of the University of Iowa, with many resources to support your personal health and well-being. A feedback report will highlight resources and research-based suggestions that may help you now or in the future. The feedback report is not intended to tell you what to do, but rather to offer potentially beneficial suggestions for ways to improve your well-being. We understand and respect that health behaviors are complex, personal, and your choice. 

  1. HEALTHY WORKPLACE CULTURE - To provide a healthy workplace, the University of Iowa monitors trends in population health behaviors and attitudes over time so that we know how to best support our employees. Your participation helps inform a larger strategy around employee well-being. 

No. Your participation in the Personal Health Assessment and any other wellness programs is completely voluntary and you will not see any changes to your health insurance premiums. 

The university’s health plans are considered self-insured, which means the university is responsible for the costs of the claims incurred. We hope that one benefit of liveWELL programs is a reduction in health care claims from health plan participants, and a measurable savings to the university health plans. Information is not shared with Wellmark. Limited UI Wellness staff will have administrative access to individual and aggregate information. 

You may take your Personal Health Assessment every 90 days. Meanwhile, you can review your feedback from your last Quality Health Survey by clicking on "Feedback Report" from the PHA page accessed through Employee Self Service. You can only earn the 100 liveWELL points and be entered into the monthly drawing one time per calendar year. 

You receive an individualized report that identifies how you are doing in a number of health risk and lifestyle dimensions. The report provides you with recommendations for health improvement based on your level of readiness to make changes, and it directs you to campus and community resources. 

In addition, when you complete the Personal Health Assessment  (PHA) you receive: 

  • 100 points added to your My liveWELL portal 

  • Entry into a monthly drawing for $250. (Two winners every month!) 

  • Eligibility for the Recreational Membership Incentive Program and other health/wellness classes 

  • Eligibility for free Health Coaching 

You may complete the Personal Health Assessment during work time if your workload allows. It should take 15-20 minutes to complete. 

Meetings with a Health Coach must be done on non-work time or by receiving permission from your supervisor. The same is true for participation in any subsequent liveWELL programs. If you are unable to participate on work time, you can use vacation time to participate. 

Health Coaching appointments are available between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday. Evening appointments after 5:00 p.m. are available 1-2 days per week from Monday - Thursday.  

At this time, liveWELL programs are only open to faculty and staff. 

At this time, liveWELL programs are open to current faculty and staff only. 

Log in to Employee Self-Service and go to the Personal Health Assessment link. Click "Continue to the PHA" and then "Quality Health Survey."  Here you'll see the date of your last PHA and when you are eligible to take it again. 

You will be contacted by a liveWELL staff member after taking the Personal Health Assessment if your answers indicate an elevated risk for health conditions or a readiness to change a health-related lifestyle behavior. The feedback report you receive also identifies resources that you can contact directly. You can contact liveWELL at any time with questions about your report or our services. 

With your consent, the information from the Personal Health Assessment and any referrals to a Health Coach or other liveWELL programs will be communicated directly to your health care provider. These programs are designed to work collaboratively with your health care provider and offer you resources that may be beneficial to your health. However, no communication will occur without your written consent.