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My liveWELL Portal is your home for liveWELL in Employee Self Service. Access your Personal Health Assessment and Recharge+TM,  participating in well-being challenges, earn wellness points for a variety of activities and healthy behaviors. Spend points in the Wellness Store on health and wellness items, Hawkeye merchandise, and more!

How do I earn liveWELL points?

  • Monthly points: Each month, select the healthy behaviors (exercise, nutrition, stress management, etc.) you practiced on a regular basis and earn five points for each healthy behavior checked. Maximum accrual for liveWELL monthly points is 50 per month.
  • Bonus points: Earn one time bonus points for participating in liveWELL quarterly well-being challenge programs (up to 300 points per challenge), reading the liveWELL newsletter (150 points per year!) and other well-being activities and events throughout the year. 
  • Annual Points: Earn 100 liveWELL points once per calendar year for completing your Personal Health Assessment.

Submit your liveWELL Points here!


Badges are another fun way to recognize your accomplishments. Badges highlight cumulative months of activity, total point accumulation, and more.

Active Months Badges

Badges recognizing 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 20, and 24 month participation

These badges highlight total months of point submissions. Activity does not have to occur in consecutive months to earn these badges.

Points Badges

Badges showing liveWELL points earned

These badges highlight accumulation of points through participation in monthly points or bonus points.

liveWELL Store Examples

Below are examples of prizes you can purchase with liveWELL Points. Prizes range from 100-1,000 points, so you can save them or spend them.  Items in the Wellness Store are provided via liveWELL and partners: University of Iowa Hawk Shop and the UI Children's Hospital Safety Store.

1,000 points

$10.00 Gift Card to the University Book Store. You can use your gift card towards any purchases at the book store. Visit the University Book Store to view available items.

Iowa Hawk Shop Gift Card

$10.00 Coupon to the UI Children's Hospital Safety Store. You can use your coupon towards any purchases at the Safety Store. Visit the UI Children's Hospital Safety Store to view available items.

$10.00 Coupon to UI Children's Hospital Safety Store

liveWELL Points and Wellness Store

To earn monthly points, select the liveWELL Points navigation tab and select the healthy behaviors you successfully completed for the respective month. Each healthy behavior earns you five points for that month. You can submit monthly points from the first of the month to the 10th of the following month. Example behaviors include but are not limited to:

  • Four and a half cups of fruits and vegetables per day. A cup is equal to one cup 100% fruit or vegetable juice, one cup cooked vegetables, two cups raw leafy vegetables, one piece of fruit, or half cup dried fruit [5 pts]
  • Stretching activities on most days of the week for at least 10 minutes [5 pts]
  • 150 minutes of a mix of moderate and vigorous aerobic activity, such as 90 minutes of moderate activity and 30 minutes of vigorous activity each week. 1 minute of vigorous activity equals about 2 minutes of moderate activity [5 pts]
  • SLEEP: I slept seven to eight hours most nights. [5 pts]

Earn bonus points throughout the year by participating in liveWELL events and/or activities. As they complete activities, participants earn points by either submitting that they completed the task or entering the bonus code provided for that activity. Bonus points range in value and frequency. Stay tuned for point opportunities on My liveWELL PortalYou can submit a bonus code on the homepage of My liveWELL Portal or on the My liveWELL Points page.

You can only submit monthly points once a month. You are able to submit points from the first of the current month to the tenth of the subsequent month through My liveWELL Portal in Employee Self Service. Once the deadline has passed, you are unable to submit points for that month. liveWELL will not submit delinquent points. Bonus code points are available throughout the year for participating in different well-being programs and activities, and you can only submit for each bonus code opportunity once.

You can earn 50 points on a monthly basis. Additional points are available via special programming and bonus points throughout the year. Prizes start at 200 points and range through 3,000 points. On average a participant can earn up to 300 points for participating in one of liveWELL's four week online programs. liveWELL points expire 2 years after the date they are earned.

To make corrections to point submissions, please email and identify the error and the correction necessary. Requests for corrections will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to determine if they are necessary.

In order to submit liveWELL points and order prizes, you must have access to a computer or device to log into Employee Self-Service. Once you are logged into My liveWELL Portal in Employee Self Service, your liveWELL points will automatically reflect any monthly and bonus points you've entered. To purchase a prize, click the "liveWELL Store" link and choose the prize you'd like. If you have enough points, select "Purchase." You will receive an email confirming your prize order.

All prizes are delivered through campus to you. Please verify the campus mail address listed for your in the UI directory is accurate before ordering a prize. Participants assume liability for the prize once it is sent in campus mail. On the rare occasion the prize does not reach the participant, a replacement prize will not be issued. To request an alternative arrangement to pick up your prize, please email and specify the prize you chose, your name, and your request.

At this time, liveWELL programs are only open to current faculty and staff. Spouses, dependents, and retirees are not eligible to participate.

liveWELL Points and the Wellness Store are funded by University Human Resources and University of Iowa Staff Council.