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Learn more about setting up multiple direct deposit accounts by reviewing these common questions:


New Common Questions about Multiple Direct Deposits

Yes, you may designate up to a maximum of three deposit accounts. These may be accounts at multiple U.S. institutions and/or multiple accounts within the same institution. You may indicate a percentage of net pay or a dollar amount for each one except the balance account. Direct deposit accounts cannot be set up for banking institutions outside of the United States.

Please see multiple direct deposit examples for further clarification. If you still have questions, please email

It is vital that you enter the transit and account numbers correctly because once you save your entries, you will not be able to make corrections until the next day. If you need to change the deposit order of your accounts after you save your entries, you will need to start over the next day and enter your accounts again.

No, any excess amount over the amounts/percentages listed is deposited into your balance account. See the multiple direct deposit examples page for ways to use amounts and percentages to divide your net pay between different accounts.

Offcycle payments (payments outside the regularly scheduled payroll dates) are deposited in the same manner as your paycheck. You will be responsible for transferring funds if necessary.

No, the paper form is for a single deposit account only. Multiple direct deposit accounts must be entered or changed on the Employee Self Service site. We will not accept any banking institution’s direct deposit form.

Salaried (monthly-paid) employees receive payment on the first of each month, unless the payday falls on a weekend or holiday. Those payments are issued on the first business day of the month. Hourly (biweekly-paid) employees are paid every other Tuesday. Check payroll calendars for further information.

You may distribute your pay into multiple accounts by amount or percent for each account except the balance account.  The balance account receives the pay that is not designated for another account.

The net pay remaining after the amount/or percent has been distributed into the non-balance accounts will be deposited into the balance account.

Changes or updates for these accounts must be made using Employee Self Service. There is no paper form for this process.

No. Your current direct deposit account is automatically designated as your “balance account,” and all your net pay will be deposited into that account.

No later than 12 p.m. (noon) five business days prior to payday.

Yes, everyone must have a balance account. This account has neither a dollar amount nor a percentage indicated. If you designate multiple accounts, any remaining funds after the first (and second, if applicable) account is funded will be deposited into your balance account.

In the event that your bank account is closed or invalid, Payroll Services will receive notification of the direct deposit rejection within 1-4 days after payday. If your deposit is returned, Payroll will:

  • Stop all payroll direct deposits to the closed or invalid account. Future deposits will be deposited into your balance account unless you change your direct deposit instructions on Employee Self ServiceIf your balance account is invalid, all of your payroll deposit accounts will be turned off. You will need to visit Employee Self Service to update your direct deposit information.
  • Notify you about the returned funds through your university e-mail address. You are responsible for updating your direct deposit accounts before we can release your returned payment.
  • Reissue the funds pending your correction of the account information.
  • Future paychecks will be held at Payroll pending updated direct deposit information.