Completing a Corrected Monthly Leave Record

When a correction is needed to a previously submitted time record, please go to Time Record Corrections within Employee Self-Service.  If you need assistance, please contact your supervisor or HR Unit Representative. 

When filling out the corrected copy, be sure to include all appropriate usage and codes for the month, including shift differentials, not just the corrections, as this copy will override/replace the original previously submitted. If there is no usage, then leave that date blank.

All entries are made in hours or tenths of an hour using the following schedule:

06 minutes = .1
12 minutes = .2
18 minutes = .3
24 minutes = .4
30 minutes = .5
36 minutes = .6
42 minutes = .7
48 minutes = .8
54 minutes = .9

If the time worked is not exactly even in tenths of an hour, "round" to the nearest tenth of an hour.

If your original time was submitted on more than one time record due to your being paid on various Master File Key (MFK)  accounts, you will need to submit a separate corrected time record for each original in which there were changes. If there were changes to only one of the original time records, then you only need to submit for that particular time record.