Fiscal Faculty, Professional & Scientific, and SEIU Time Records

General Information

For Departments reporting their Monthly Time Records through Employee Self-Service, the time record should be submitted to Human Resources by Friday of the first full week of the following month.

This form is used by Faculty employed on fiscal year appointments, Professional and Scientific and SEIU staff members employed in departments who are reporting vacation and sick leave usage on a monthly basis.

If it is necessary to submit a second Monthly Time Record to correct information on the original, please go to Time Record Corrections within Employee Self-Service.  If you need assistance, please contact your supervisor or HR Unit Representative.  

A Monthly Time Record for each month of employment will be available online under "Time Reporting" in Employee Self Service.

Every staff member must complete and submit the form to Payroll Services even with no usage.

Completing the Monthly Leave Record

Enter only the hours of absence with pay that should be applied to your vacation or sick leave. If you have a question about the hours being applied, please contact your departmental administrator, immediate supervisor or HR representative for assistance.

Four entry spaces are provided for each day to indicate the type of sick leave or vacation time used.  Each entry must have a proper paid leave code to describe the reason time was taken.

All entries are made in hours or tenths of an hour using the following schedule:

06 minutes = .1
12 minutes = .2
18 minutes = .3
24 minutes = .4
30 minutes = .5
36 minutes = .6
42 minutes = .7
48 minutes = .8
54 minutes = .9

If the time worked is not exactly even in tenths of an hour, then "round" to the nearest tenth of an hour.

When submitting your Monthly Time Record, you have the option to convert sick leave hours to vacation by checking the "every month possible" or "this month only" box.  In order to make this choice you are required to have a minimum of thirty days (240 hours) in your sick leave account (you can find this information on the employee self-service under the Time Reporting tab--Vacation/Sick Leave Report).  If you use any sick leave during the month, the transfer will not take place.  You may continue to transfer until you choose to cancel or you reach your maximum vacation accruals.  Transfers are made by a 3 to 1 hour ratio, i.e., 12 hours of sick leave converts to 4 hours of vacation (prorated for part-time employees)