Performance Management

Performance management goes beyond the formal, annual discussion about performance. It's an ongoing process with shared responsibility that begins with the initial hiring process and orientation and continues throughout employment. Between formal review opportunities, supervisors and employees should create regular opportunities to review and discuss progress.

Successful performance management benefits everyone involved. Individuals often experience higher morale and creativity, as well as improved health, which in turn supports improved productivity and pursuit of department and university goals and missions.

    Performance Review Tool

    The performance review tool can be accessed directly at or by logging in through Employee Self Service. Review the FAQs below if you have questions.

    How to start your performance review

    If you are Professional & Scientific (P&S) staff:

    • Access your goal plan through Employee Self-Service | Personal Tab | Goal Plan.  As of April 1, 2018, the SuccessFactors Goal Plan will be going away. Going forward, you have two options for entering the next year’s goals:
    1. You can enter them directly in the Employee Additional Comments section of the performance review tool, or
    2. You can upload them as an attachment by dragging and dropping into the Employee Performance Documents section.
    • Continue to record progress and modify goals in current goals.
    • You may start your self-review in the performance review tool at any time. It is not visible to your supervisor until you click the Submit Performance Review button at the bottom of the online form.

    If you are Merit/Non-Nursing SEIU staff:

    Your supervisor or HR Representative will provide you with the appropriate forms if anything is required of you prior to your performance review meeting (e.g., self-review, goals, etc.). If your department does not have an existing self-review form, you may ask them to consider using the template below:

    FileMerit Self-Review Template

    • Regardless of whether or not you receive a form, it is a good idea to prepare for the meeting by using the suggestions provided in the performance review process.
    • At or after your performance review meeting, you will have an opportunity to view your review form online.
    • You must sign an acknowledgement of receiving the form, and will have the opportunity to add comments.

    Confidential Resources

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Performance management is an ongoing feedback process designed to help your staff grow and develop.

    • To acknowledge and affirm appropriate behaviors to support staff in their endeavors; to teach, coach, counsel, when improvement is needed.
    • To develop each of your staff member's potential using career and development plans.
    • Specific performance standards are established and communicated.
    • Performance is reviewed on the basis of results/output (quality, quantity, timeliness).
    • Communication and feedback are provided on a ongoing basis.