Performance Review Business Rules

Performance Review Period

  • The annual University Performance Review period for staff is April 1 through March 31. 

Employment Dates that Trigger a Review

  • New hires or transfers after January 1st are excluded from this requirement. Departments have discretion to require performance appraisals be conducted on a more frequent basis dependent on the departmental needs or regulatory compliance.

Multiple Jobs

  • Employees who hold multiple jobs within the same department only need to complete one review.
  • Employees who hold multiple jobs in more than one department need to have a review completed for each job.

Time Frame for Review to Occur

  • University reviews must be completed between April 1 and the following March 31 to be in compliance with having an annual performance review. 

Overall Performance Descriptor Use

  • Professional & Scientific – required
  • Merit – optional
  • SEIU – optional

Employee Status

  • UI requires reviews for all regular P&S/SEIU/Merit staff who are active, on paid leave, or on unpaid leave. Staff on leave who are not available to have a review may be marked as such in the review application. Employees on complimentary appointments and Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) employees are excluded.