Understanding Psychotherapy

garden steps with green stems and flowers on both side
garden steps with green stems and flowers on both side

The UI EAP program recognizes that people experience stress and problems balancing home and work and could use support and coping strategies to move through stressful times and build resilience. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, up to a quarter of Americans experience depression, anxiety or another emotional disorders in any given year and still others struggle to cope with relationship troubles, job loss, the death of a loved one, stress, substance abuse or other issues. The UI EAP offers short-term support and confidential therapy and can assist with identifying if ongoing psychotherapy is needed and how one can connect with a community resource. 

How Can Your UI EAP help?

The UI Employee Assistance Program (UI EAP) provides integrated services to faculty, staff, and their family members to promote emotional well-being and to increase engagement and productivity among members of our UI community.

Our services are designed to support the employee throughout his/her work experience at the University, while also providing organizational and campus supports for health and well-being. Our core services include brief, confidential counseling for a wide range of personal and work-related concerns, consultative support for leaders, supervisors and departments, assistance with the management of the disruptive or impaired employees and ongoing campus wide support, education and prevention. The UI EAP also maintains additional information about referral resources, both at the University of Iowa and in the community. We hope that the information in these external resources listed below will be helpful in achieving this goal. 

What is psychotherapy?

Additional information about when to seek therapy, how to choose a therapist and types of psychotherapy: