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The UHR Welcome Center is open 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday through Friday.
Discover Your University gives Iowa employees an inside look at some of the world-renowned programs and experiences the university has to offer.

Showcasing Iowa Gems

Iowa is a Big Ten leader and global hub for education, research, arts, sports, and much more. Discover Your University offers faculty and staff—the heart of the university and its most important ambassadors—diverse opportunities to experience Iowa at its best.

Discover Your University experiences showcase world-class research, innovative education, uniquely Iowa arts and culture, recreational amenities, natural beauty, and much more. They aim to introduce participants new people, programs, and ideas.

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Fostering Well-Being and Engagement

Discover Your University also emphasizes employee well-being and engagement. It invites faculty and staff to a little time during normal working hours to learn more about the university, themselves, and each other.

Faculty and staff can join Discover Your University experiences on their own or with colleagues. We encourage units and supervisors to embrace Discover Your University as professional development and team-building. Participants earn liveWELL points redeemable for prizes.

Iowa's Educational Opportunities policy encourages faculty and staff participation in educational and developmental opportunities, broadly defined. Faculty and staff can take part in up to two Discover Your University events each year, so long as participation does not interfere with regular duties. Units may require supervisor approval for professional development activities.

In addition, the Volunteer Time Release policy encourages flexible support for activities that promote community engagement. Faculty and staff do not need to use vacation or leave time to take part in Discover Your University.