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Get answers to common questions about Discover Your University.

Employee FAQs

All University of Iowa faculty and staff are eligible to participate. Sign up for a Discover Your University experience individually or with colleagues.

See a list of upcoming discover days.

Most events are in-person, but some visits may include online sessions. See pages for upcoming visit days to find online opportunities.

When it comes to supervisor permission, we suggest following your unit's usual practice for professional development opportunities scheduled during the workday. If you're not sure about local practices or policies, talk to your supervisor or human resources professional.

Iowa's Educational Opportunities policy encourages involvement in programs like Discover Your University. Units may require approval for professional development activities.

Whether or not you need formal permission to participate, make sure you've arranged appropriate coverage for normal work responsibilities before signing up for Discover Your University.

You can participate in up to two Discover Your University visit activities each academic year. Activities generally last 1-2 hours.

You'll sign up via My Training in Employee Self Service. Find registration links on pages for specific opportunities.

No. Like other professional development activities scheduled during the workday, Discover Your University doesn't require you to use vacation or leave. If you have questions about your unit's professional development practices, ask your supervisor or local human resources professional.

Sign up through My Training in Employee Self-Service. If you're joining an experience with colleagues, you'll each need to sign up.

Whether joining individually or as a team, make sure you've arranged appropriate coverage of normal work responsibilities.

Supervisor FAQs

Talk to your team about the program and encourage it as a professional development and team-building option. Note that employees aren't expected to use vacation or leave time to take part.

The Educational Opportunities policy encourages participation in educational and developmental activities, broadly defined. In addition, the Volunteer Time Release policy supports flexible practices that let university employees pursue community engagement activities.

We suggest treating Discover Your University the way you treat other professional development activities: 

  • Participation should not interfere with normal work responsibilities.
  • Faculty and staff remain in work status while participating—they do not need to use vacation or other paid leave.
  • Units may require supervisor permission to take part. 

Discover Your University isn't meant to take the place of regular events like retreats, holiday parties, off-site meetings, etc.

Email Justin Fraase in University Human Resources to express interest. Provide a brief description of the experience you have in mind.