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Leading individuals and teams can sometimes require further development of skills and techniques to produce better outcomes. Coaching services are offered by Organizational Effectiveness to help you, as a leader, develop your communication skills and influence to ensure the success and well-being of you and your team.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching

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Functioning as a high performing team doesn’t just happen. In every team, there are different perspectives, agendas and roles. Team coaching supports teams by helping team members get on the same page through a highly interactive process that unleashes the collective power of the team. 

How Team Coaching Works

Communication Coaching

Communication coaching helps you gain knowledge and insight into your behavioral work styles and/or strengths through an assessment and coaching session. Through these assessments and coaching session, you will begin to understand your workstyles and strengths to enhance communication and teambuilding.   

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The DISC can help you gain insight into your own behaviors and the behavior of those on your team based on four distinct "workstyles". 


  • Enhance emotional intelligence (self and others). 
  • Build effective relationships and teams.
  • Resolve and prevent conflict.
  • Influence and develop others.
  • Manage time more effectively.
  • Gain commitment and cooperation.
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The CliftonStrengths is an exploration of individual strengths and helps leaders gain an understanding of how identifying your strengths enhances communication and teambuilding.  


  • Identify and define individual talents and strengths
  • Develop awareness of Strengths and their own strengths
  • Use Strengths to build partnerships and teams
  • Put Strengths into action

360 Reviews

360 (Multi-rater) Assessment

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Multi-rater, or 360-degree, feedback providers leaders with insight on how others perceive their leadership effectiveness at a point in time. The purpose of 360s is to provide leaders with honest, useful, and thoughtful views on how those they work with experience their leadership, with the opportunity to evoke strengths and approach opportunities differently.

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Coaching Referrals

Executive coaching referrals are available through Organizational Effectiveness. (Costs would be covered by the sponsoring department.) 


To help determine what coaching is right for you, brief leadership coaching is provided at no charge for campus leaders and includes one session with an experienced leadership coach from Organizational Effectiveness. Please reach out to for any questions regarding coaching services for UI leaders.