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    Supervisory, Management, and Leadership Development Progression

    Start now with the following online ICON courses located within Employee Self Service | My Career | Learning & Development | My Training:

    • New UI Supervisors: Starting Successfully (WNUSSS)
    • Creating a Welcoming Workplace (W00CWW)



    Website: Supervisor Training@Iowa

    Fee: No cost for UI Employees
    Contact Hours: 5 hours in class
    Timeline to Finish: Self-paced
    Audience: Required training for faculty and staff in supervisory roles


    • Open enrollment by course via Self-Service/My Training
    • Also available online (ICON), located within Self-Service/My Training

    Topics: 30 minute Overview and 3, 1.5 hour sessions

    • Overview (online only)
    • Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding
    • Engaging and Retaining Employees
    • Facilitating Performance, Coaching, and Documentation

    Website: Practical Applications of Supervisory Skills - Engaging Yourself

    Fee: No cost for UI Employees
    Contact Hours: 22.5 hours in class
    Timeline to Finish: 10 weeks, with one week off from coursework
    Audience: Front-line staff leaders with functional supervision of staff or emerging to mid-level staff leaders with administrative management of staff can apply or be nominated


    • Classroom
    • Campus-wide cohort
    • Self-assessment
    • Offered spring and/or fall semesters

    Topics: Nine, 2-2.5 hour core sessions:

    • Lead with Empathy: Apply Emotional Intelligence
    • Activating Your Strengths to Lead Your Team
    • Developing and Leading a Diverse Team
    • Understanding and Applying Work Styles
    • Essential Secrets of Feedback
    • Generations in the Workplace
    • Respect in the Workplace
    • How to Thrive and Not Just Survive: Resilience in the Workplace
    • Supervisory Time Management and Delegation

    Website: Supervising Today's Students

    Fee: No cost for UI Employees
    Contact Hours: 9 hours in class
    Timeline to Finish: Self-paced
    Audience: Faculty and staff who hire, onboard, develop and lead student employees. No application needed


    • Classroom
    • Self-paced (take any 6 of 9 courses- does not need to be within one semester)
    • Open enrollment by course via Employee Self-Service

    Topics: Six, 1.5 hour sessions:

    • Pre-Employment Process
    • Successfully Training Student Employees
    • How Students Learn
    • Effectively Leading Students
    • Evaluating Student Employee Performance
    • Creating an Effective and Positive Workplace Culture

    Website:  Advanced Management Series

    Fee: $200 for UI Employees
    Contact Hours: 33 hours in class
    Timeline to Finish: 6 months
    Audience: Emerging to mid-level staff leaders with administrative management of staff can apply or be nominated


    • Classroom
    • Campus-wide cohort
    • Case discussion group
    • Goal setting with one's leader(s)
    • Self-assessment
    • Offered Jan-June

    Topics: 11 Workshops, multiple case discussion sessions

    • Ethic, Options and Insight
    • DISC Management
    • Conflict Management
    • Work Organization and Time Management
    • Motivating the Elephant
    • Process Improvement
    • Emotional Intelligence and Diversity
    • Your Role in Supporting Staff Performance
    • Managing for Improvement
    • Communicating for Performance
    • Integrated Health Management

    Website:  UI LEAD Intercollegiate Cohort

    Fee: $485 for UI Employees
    Contact Hours: 14-18 hours in class; 4 hours coaching
    Timeline to Finish: 4 months
    Audience: Current faculty and staff leaders in expanding roles can apply or be nominated


    • Roundtables with leadership
    • Topical workshops
    • Case discussion groups
    • Cohort-led discussions
    • Self and 360 assessments
    • Executive coaching
    • Offered May-August

    Topics: Customizable learning objectives and topics

    • Roundtables with deans and senior associate deans, and participant's supervisors
    • Four, 1:1 coaching sessions
    • Four group workshops, such as:
      • Defining leadership vision
      • Strengths-based Leadership
      • DISC Management
      • Other topics determined by cohort

    Website:  Executive Leadership Academy - Higher Education

    Fee: $2000 Academy fee for UI employees (scholarship may be available)
    Contact Hours: Approximately 10 hours per/month
    Timeline to Finish: 7 months
    Audience: Mid-to-senior level faculty and staff leaders; ELA-Higher Education is a nomination/application process. UI Health Care administrates a separate ELA.

    Format: Interactive Discussions (UI and external speakers)

    • Academy Elements:
      • Immersions
      • Individual Coaching
      • Sponsored Team Project
      • Project Management
      • Mentor
      • Service Project


    • Transformational Leadership
    • Intellectual Stimulation
    • Individual Consideration
    • Idealized Influence
    • Inspirational Motivation

    Website:  DEO Leadership Program

    Fee: Supported by Office of the Provost
    Contact Hours: 9 hours in cohort sessions plus 5 hours coaching and 5 hours mentorship
    Timeline to Finish: 8 months (Sept-May)
    Audience: Provost Office coordinates enrollment for incoming, first year faculty department chairs and associate deans


    • Classroom (UI facilitators)
    • Dedicated mentor
    • Executive coaching
    • Resource referral
    • Self-assessments
    • Cohort socials

    Topics: Five, 1 hour coachings | Six, 1.5 hour cohort sessions

    • Making the Transition to Expanded Academic Leadership Roles
    • Managing Departmental Resources
    • Leadership Communication: Skills and Resources
    • Leading and Developing People
    • Introduction to Data and Sources of Information
    • Wrap-up, Next Steps and Celebration

    Additional opportunities:

    • DEO leadership conversations and workshops

    BUILD is a collaborative initiative of the Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Organizational Effectiveness, along with the contributions of many of our campus thought leaders. Visit the BUILD website for course dates and information.

    Did you know?

    We’ve won national awards (2017, 2018 and 2019) in Customized Leadership & Organizational Development Programming at the LEAD Awards sponsored by