Advanced Management Series (On Hold)
The Advanced Management Series is a program designed to enhance your knowledge, skills, and abilities to effectively manage others.

Building Our Global Community Series
International Programs, with support from UI Learning & Development, is offering workshops on skills and insights useful to faculty and staff as they seek to educate and serve international students and scholars.

Building University of Iowa Leadership for Diversity (BUILD)
BUILD is a collaborative initiative of the Chief Diversity Office and Learning & Development, along with the contributions of many of our campus thought leaders.

Performance Management Miniseries (On Hold)
The leaders of today and of the future need to focus on developing the principles, practices, and courage to manage individual and organizational performance.

Practical Applications of Supervisory Skills (PASS) – Engaging Yourself
This series centers on the groundwork necessary for supervisory success: knowing yourself so you can work with and improve the qualities that constitute your supervisory skill set and, in turn, build stronger relations and connections to those you supervise.

Practical Applications of Supervisory Skills (PASS) – Engaging Your Team
This series provides supervisors with professional development that focuses on building a high-performance team and retaining those employees.

Supervisor Training@Iowa
Supervisor Training@Iowa aims to establish a comprehensive approach to supervisory development at the University of Iowa. 

Supervising Today's Students
The Supervising Today's Students Series (STS) focuses on developing skills for individuals who supervise undergraduate students, while providing insights on how to best lead and support student employees.

UI Business Processes Series
Because more UI business and human resources transactions are now online, how do you and your staff members remain knowledgeable about current processes? As a manager, how do you provide the training new staff members need to understand UI policies and practices? This series will provide you with the latest guidance you need to manage the changing information needs and responsibilities of your area.

Workplace Investigations Series
Supervisors and human resources representatives are key to creating a work environment that fosters employee success and maximizes operational productivity. A significant skill to master is the ability to effectively conduct inquiry into employee conduct and behavior and, as a result of those conversations, identify the necessary follow-up actions or interventions. This series provides a framework for conducting non-biased employee investigations that will net the information needed to make strategic selections from the continuum of performance management tools and resources. Be prepared for a hands-on, skills practice training.