Program Guidelines

Tuition Assistance Program Guidelines

  • All eligible staff whose performance is satisfactory may apply for University support for coursework that the employing applicant’s department certifies is work-related. University employees who meet the eligibility requirements and are working on undergraduate degrees will be considered to have met the work-related eligibility requirement.
  • Coursework can be completed either at the University of Iowa or other accredited universities or colleges.
  • Applications are prioritized by the educational institution in which they are enrolling for the class, then by the date/time the application is submitted and approved by the supervisor, thus completing the application process.
  • Applicants applying for UI coursework will be awarded for completed (i.e., processed through Workflow with supervisor approval) applications as funding allows. In most cases, notification will occur within two weeks of the completed application, however, in some cases, notifications may not occur until after the supervisor deadline.
  • Applications for support for external (non-UI) coursework will not be considered for the award until after the supervisor deadline. If funding allows, they will be awarded based on first-come, first-served basis utilizing the Priority System.
  • Notifications will be sent via email, whether an applicant has been awarded or not.
  • Employees must enroll in and take the specific course indicated on their application. Please review Amended Application if there is a change in course information on the application.
  • It is important that the application be accurate – if there are any changes after submitting, please review Amended Application for details on options.
  • Tuition Assistance will be awarded for tuition only (other fees not included).
  • Applicants do not need to be registered for the course at the time of application. If awarded, however, applicants must complete the course listed on the application. If there is a change to the course listed on the application, refer to Amended Application.

Tuition Support/Rates

  • Coursework: Support is limited to tuition for one credit course (up to four semester hours). The rate allowed will not exceed the equivalent semester hours listed in the University of Iowa’s Liberal Arts Resident Undergraduate or Graduate rate amounts as outlined in each year’s tuition rate schedule.
  • If you are awarded assistance for an external course, you will receive reimbursement after successfully completing the course, and submitting all required documentation. The awarded course must be started in the semester it is awarded and must be completed within eight months of the semester awarded.

(If you are receiving funds for up to four credit hours or more from another university source, such as your department, please do not apply for central tuition assistance).

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