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Celebrate: to observe a notable occasion with festivities.

Celebrating on the University of Iowa campus can be experienced in many forms. Considering day-to-day operations, how can your workplace plan so that staff are able to participate in celebrations? Considering the impact on staff morale, how can your workplace afford not to celebrate?

Campus Opportunities

  • Staff Celebration Day, late May
  • Human Rights Week, late January
  • Support Staff Day, late April/early May
  • UI Health Fair, November
  • Blood Drives- Celebrate Life!

At the Department or Unit Level

Events to recognize accomplishments of staff members:

  • Departmental awards
  • Improving Our Workplace Award (IOWA)
  • Professional Award
  • Tuition assistance grants
  • Grants awarded
  • End of staff member's probationary period
  • Project completion
  • Promotions
  • Length of Service awards
  • Retirement
  • Completion of training series

In Work Unit

  • Achievement of unit goal
  • Significant personal events - birthdays, adoption/births, University anniversary
  • End of staff member's probationary period
  • Spontaneous celebration - pizza, donuts, popcorn break
  • Holiday events - potlucks, pumpkin carving, drawings for prizes, costume contests