On-going Programs

Department Well-Being Toolbox

Tools to help you infuse well-being into the day to day work of your department.

Health Coaching 

A Health Coach is a free, confidential, non-judgmental, and motivational resource for you to achieve the best version of yourself.

Lifestyles: Get Healthy, Stay Healthy

Programs offered to help you lead a healthy lifestyle. Find new ways to develop healthy eating and exercise habits.

liveWELL Points and Wellness Store

Earn points for a variety of activities and healthy behaviors. Spend liveWELL points in the Wellness Store on various health and wellness items, Hawkeye merchandise, and more!

liveWELL Trainings

liveWELL offers both live, on-line courses and on-demand courses on a variety of wellness topics at no cost to UI faculty and staff. 

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention intentionally to what is occurring in the present moment, acknowledging what is here with curiosity and open heartedness. Our eight-week program is offered at no cost to faculty and staff.

My liveWELL Portal

My liveWELL Portal is your home for liveWELL in Employee Self Service

Recharge ⁺

Recharge+ utilizes the Resilience Evaluation Measure (REM), an innovative, validated, assessment of resilience to provide you with a snapshot of your current level of resilience and immediate feedback on how you can improve.

Recreation Membership Incentive Program

Receive a 50 percent incentive towards your campus recreation membership for participating annually in the Personal Health Assessment and using a campus recreation facility at least four times per month. A recreation membership includes access to five campus fitness facilities, three indoor tracks, two swimming pools, and over 70 group fitness classes per week!

Week of Wellness

Week of Wellness is a local outreach and engagement program for our UI staff to learn about their wellness benefits, attend well-being presentations (virtually and in-person, as conditions allow), participate in challenges, and socially connect with colleagues to discuss well-being topics.

Wellness Ambassadors

Wellness Ambassadors act as liaisons between their departments and UI Wellness. Wellness Ambassadors play a vital role in supporting liveWELL's mission to promote lifestyle improvements that support good health and improve quality of life.

University of Iowa departments can request funding to implement a health and wellness-related initiative or event at the local level.

Wellness Heroes

Wellness Heroes is a recognition program for individual faculty or staff members who inspire others with their behaviors or attitudes around wellness. Nominate a co-worker and they will receive a Wellness Hero recognition award from liveWELL

Other liveWELL Programs and Services