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E119 Campus Recreation and Wellness Center
309 South Madison Street
Iowa City, IA 52242-2010
United States

Wellness Ambassadors are listed below by campus organizational unit. If your org or department doesn't have a Wellness Ambassador or if you have questions, please email

Org 01 - Office of the President
Org 02 - Office of the Provost
Center for Diversity and EnrichmentKristi Murphy2750 UCC
Provost OfficeLois Geist111 JH
Registrar OfficeBrittany Benda8 JH
Org 03 - Office of Vice President for Medical Affairs
External RelationsJacqueline Kleppe4148 WL
Human ResourcesJennifer Wagner260 CMAB
Marketing & CommunicationsJessica Murry5143 WL
Shared Services Patient Appointment CenterJordan Winter2100 UCC
Org 04 - Vice President for Research
Animal Resources OfficeJana KauffmanL350 PBDB
Biocatalysis and Bioprocessing CenterMelissa CoeurC100 MTF
Division of Sponsored ProgramsEmily Alward2 GILH
Environmental Health/SafetyAndrea Domsic100 EHS
IRB Human Subjects OfficeMary KainecHLHS
Public Policy CenterEthan Rogers136 PPRB
Research AdministrationGrant Carl2660 UCC
State ArchaeologistColleen Randolph104 CLSB
Org 05 - Vice President for Finance and Operations
Facilities ManagementBrent Anderson220 USB
Finance & Operations/Human ResourcesVanessa Steffen121 USB
Finance & Operations/Human ResourcesJessica Voelker121 USB
Finance & Operations/Human ResourcesCourtenay Villhauer121 USB
Finance & Operations/Human ResourcesColton Smith121 USB
 Finance & Operations/Human ResourcesJean Spiesz121 USB
FM Design & ConstructionJulie TroendleUSB
Treasury OperationsAli Carlson2702 UCC
Org 06 - Office of the General Counsel
Office of the General CounselMaria Lukas120 JH
Org 07 - Human Resources
Family Services/Organizational EffectivenessDiana Kremzar121-50 USB
 HR AdministrationAndrea French121 USB
 HR AdministrationElizabeth Ireland121 USB
UI Benefits Health & ProductivityJoni Troester120-32 USB
Org 08 - Department of Athletics
Assistant HR DirectorTanner ErwinN423B CHA
Event ManagementMindy RedlingerN411 CHA
Human Resources CoordinatorChloe SchmidtN423A CHA
Org 09 - Vice President for External Relations
University Communications & MarketingGabriela Garcia300 PCO
Org 11 - College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS)
CLAS/AdministrationKellie Kucera240 SH
CLAS/Art and Art HistoryLynne Lanning122 ABW
CLAS/ChemistryShonda MonetteW439 CB
CLAS/Computer ScienceSheryl Semler14E MLH
CLAS/Health & Human PhysiologyBri SwopeE208 FH
CLAS/Physics and AstronomyHeather Mineart203 VAN
Org 12 - College of Business
Tippie College of BusinessWillow FuchsC340 PBB
Tippie College of BusinessKatie VossW230B PBB
Org 13 - College of Dentistry
Operative DentistryMichelle ZubcicS244 DSB
Oral Pathology, Radiology & MedicineKeeley CarterS386 DSB
Org 14 - College of Education
AdministrationChris AnnicellaN459 LC
AdministrationElizabeth HolmN201P LC
Org 15 - College of Engineering
Civil Environmental EngineeringJennifer Rumping4105 SC
Engineering AdministrationAmy Mattix3106B SC
Engineering AdministrationPaul Oh3106A SC
Engineering/Natl Adv Driving Simulator (NADS)Andrew Veit128 NADS
Org 16 - College of Law
Career ServicesTami DiebelBLB
Central AdministrationJill Soppe421 BLB
Embedded Staff TherapistSamantha RamseyBLB
Org 17 - College of Medicine
AnesthesiaJames Carillo6505-1 JCP
AnesthesiaMark Peck6615 JCP
Cancer CenterCassie BonillaPFP
Drug AssuranceAnita FagerlandC41-L GH
Emergency MedDana JorgensonSE-203 GH
Gastro/HEPHilary Humphrey4608 JCP
Internal MedicineClaire McGranahanE414-A BT
Medicine AdministrationLinda Birkhofer1216 MERF
Medicine AdministrationSasha Alexander216 CMAB
NeonatologyKaren J Johnson8815 JPP
NeonatologyAmy Hobson8815 JPP
Neurology/OphthalmologyAdriana Rodriguez Leon11290 PFP
NeurologyErin Curry8820-6 JPP
Ophthalmology/CorneaLisa Leavy11251 PFP
Ophthalmology/PediatricsTonya Looker11290 PFP
Orthopedics & RehabAmanda Petersen01076 JPP
PediatricsLori AhrensSW164-14 GH
PediatricsNatasha JohnsonSW164-10A GH
PediatricsEvangeline KaderaW101 GH
PediatricsLauren Kolling1010-14 BT
PediatricsConnie Phommaly1300-2BT
PediatricsLiberty Taeger1300-40 BT
PsychiatryLori Posey8980-06 JPP
Radiation OncologyErika Holm-Brown01520 PFP
RadiologyAssim Saad Eddin3900 JPP
Statewide Residency Training ProgramChristine S Land2133 ML
Org 18 - College of Nursing
NursingKimberly Geguzis230 CNB
NursingElspeth McMullan417 CNB
NursingPatricia Groves472 CNB
Org 19 - College of Pharmacy
College of PharmacyCintia CutterG20 PHAR
College of PharmacyKevin GambleCC 101 GH
College of PharmacyAngie Tiedt366C CPB
Org 20 - College of Public Health
College of Public HealthJenni BoermN505 CPHB
Org 21 - Institute for Clinical and Translational Science 
Institute for Clinical and Translational Science AdminMaran SubramainC44-C GH
Org 29 - Graduate College
Graduate College AdminHeather Heeren201K GILH
Org 33 - University Libraries
Library AdministrationWillow FuchsC340 PBB
Public Library Engagement & OutreachBobbi Newman207D HLHS
Org 35 - University College
Administration & Communications/Honors ProgramVeronica SanchezBHC
Distance & Online EducationGillian Cochrane250 CEF
Org 43 - Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services AdministrationRobin Springer2800 UCC
Org 49 - Division of Student Life
Dean of StudentsGenea Bean203 IMU
Recreational ServicesAngela Charsha-HarneyC201 CRWC
Recreational ServicesMatt StancelE119G CRWC
University Counseling ServiceJaylon CottonSuite 1950 UCC
Org 65 - Iowa River Landing
IRL AdministrationKelsey WoodwardIRL
Org 70 - University Hospitals and Clinics
Ambulatory Care ClinicsAmy GustafsonMSC PFP
Ambulatory Care PharmacyAngela SpeersSuite 200, EHG
Ambulatory Surgery CenterLisa Ellenson41675 PFP
Ambulatory Surgery CenterMolly Kucera41676 PFP
Cancer CenterSara Nordman5179 WL
Care Coordination DivisionNicholle Britt124 GH
Care Coordination DivisionChristy CharkowskiGH
Central Sterilizing ServicesLori Steffens0802 JPP
Children's HospitalAshley Wilson2500 SFCH
Children's HospitalEmily Bradley92000 SFCH
Clinical Outreach/DermatologyErika Bergheger400 LRHB
Clinical Outreach/DermatologyMindy McCreightLRHB
Family MedicineLaurie Stebral01290-E PFP
Graduate Medical Education OfficeAmy CandelarioC-123 GH
Guest ServicesInge ClancyW172 GH
Health Care Information Systems - Clin AppsJean Hegland1000-B04 HSSB
Health Information ManagementBrooke Zittergruen1000 D-44 HSSB
Health Care Information SystemsBobbie MonahanHSSB
Internal Medicine/Employee Health ClinicNipa Patel1102 BT
OB/GYNBridget Toomey31146 PFP
OB/GYN ClinicDimitra Panos3 PFP
Office of the Patient ExperienceViktoria AranowskiCC 102 GH
Pastoral ServicesLaurel CrusinberryCC102 GH
Pastoral ServicesMatthew HallCC102 GH
Patient Representatives/Interpreting ServicesJoel HorneCC102 GH
Patient RepresentativesAbigail LaBarge4046 BT
Patient RepresentativesElspeth McMullan417 CNB
PathologyWilliam EastonC669 GH
PathologySarah Hornberg6240 6RCP GH
Procurement ServicesAlisa Buchanan3077-A SRF
Procurement ServicesExodus Cardoza3069-A SRF
Procurement ServicesTanner MummJPP
Rehabilitation Therapy Physical Therapy Sports Medicine CenterMike Shaffer107 OSMR
Safety & SecurityCade Rahde0081 RCP
Volunteer ServicesHillary Chappo8025 JCP
Volunteer ServicesMarissa PatinoGH
Org 70 - UI Health Care/Nursing
Central Nursing Office/QCHOKendra Duffy21602 QCHO
NRS-CWS/NIC 2Laura Corbett6 SFCH
NRS/CWS/PDIALHeather BakerLevel 2 SFCH
NRS-CWS/Pediatric Specialty ClinicKaty Reiling2 JCP
NRS-CWS/Pediatric Specialty ClinicKaty Trump2 JCP
NRS-CWS/SFCH L9 Med SurgJenna Bert92219 SFCH
NRS-CWS/SFCH L10 Med SurgEmily MoffittL10 SFCH
NRS-ISS/Emergency Treatment CenterEmily Sargent1 RCP
NRS-ISS/RSCULinda Timmins7 JCP
NRS-ISS/SICNS Surgical Intensive Care Haley Hoffmann5 JPP
NRS-ISS/SNUIS Surgical Neuro ICUTabitha Ubben5 JPP
NRS-MSS/ABMTJennifer Weibel7 RCP
NRS-MSS/HCCCLindy Cannady21602 PFP
NRS-MSS/HCCCNicole Hershey21602 PFP
NRS-MSS/HCCCAndrea Koopmann21602 PFP
NRS-MSS/4 JPPLaura Young4 JPP
NRS-MSS/DER CL Derm ClinicKimyca BryantPFP
NRS-OR/MORLaura Barber6527 JCP
Nursing ServiceLaura FeldermanC124 GH
Nursing Service - Clinical/HC Research SpecialistCassandra FowlerT137 GH
Nursing Service - Central Nursing OfficeNicole Jensen002100 SFCH
Nursing Service - Central Nursing OfficeKristi KremerC534 GH
Nursing Service - Central Nursing OfficeKaitlyn Troge4 RC RCP
Nursing Service - Neurology ClinicKatie Van Cleve2156 RCP
Nursing Service - NQUAL - Practice LeaderKara PrickettC-444 GH
Nursing Service - OrthoMarcia KneppLL JPP
Nursing Service - SON - BURNJolyn SchneiderBTC JCP
Nursing Service - SOCTracie Wehmeyer1401-A JCP
SFCH-CHREC/Pediatric Procedure & ImagingJenna BollLL2 SFCH
Org 80 - Psychiatric Hospital
Org 85 - Center for Disabilities and Development (CDD)
Center for Disabilities and DevelopmentLeigh BradfordS285 CDD
Center for Disabilities and DevelopmentJennifer NesslerN239B CDD
Center for Disabilities and Development - OffsiteJodie SchmidtCDD
Org 87 - Child Health Specialty Clinics
Child and Community HealthJennifer Cook247 CDD
Org 90 - State Hygienic Laboratory
State Hygienic Laboratory Serology & MaternalHaley Peden2160 SHL HLI
State Hygienic Laboratory/Document ControlErin TurnisHLI
State Hygienic Laboratory LimnologyKatie SpoelstraHLI Ankeny
Org 92 - Student Health & Wellness
Student WellnessHaley HinesE119 CRWC
Student Health & WellnessHannah HinckleyWL
Student Health & WellnessPatricia Wong4189 WL
Org 93 - UIHC Affiliates
Central Nursing OfficeMeghan BergerJPP
Central SterilizingAli Nelson1001 ISC
Outreach Clinic/JohnstonMegan Bertelsen8605 JC
Org 94 - Health Care Enterprises