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Wellness Ambassadors act as liaisons between their departments and UI Wellness. Wellness Ambassadors play a vital role in supporting liveWELL's mission to promote lifestyle improvements that support good health and improve quality of life.

Because they know their co-workers, ambassadors are adept at motivating their colleagues to achieve healthier lifestyles. They act as both champions of wellness and catalysts for change, providing opportunities for their University of Iowa co-workers to increase their energy levels, enjoy more productive work days, and ultimately feel better.

You will enjoy many benefits as a Wellness Ambassador, including:

  • Receiving first-hand information on liveWELL programs
  • Learning to be a healthy role model
  • Expanding your knowledge of health and wellness
  • Playing an important role in improving morale within your department
If you are interested in becoming a Wellness Ambassador, you will need to complete an application here (through Workflow) that will need to be reviewed and approved by your supervisor and human resources representative (HR rep). They will determine if this is something that fits well with your current workload and capacity to add this volunteer position. 

Characteristics and Requirements of a Successful Wellness Ambassador 

  • Enthusiasm for the role
  • Ability to bring the wellness program to life at the department level
  • Ability to access email
  • Sound independent judgment in terms of modes and frequency of communication delivery to colleagues
  • Willingness to generate and share ideas

All Wellness Ambassadors must obtain supervisory approval to act in this volunteer role via the application process described above. Serving as a Wellness Ambassador will require about 30-minutes of time per month, but could be up to two hours per month on occasion if you are organizing a special wellness program or event for your work area. All Wellness Ambassador roles are voluntary and should be worked on using discretion related to required job responsibilities and departmental priorities. 

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Disseminate one to two announcements from UI Wellness each month which are delivered by email. Best mode of dissemination is at discretion of Wellness Ambassador. 
  • Attend one 1.5 hour in-person training per year.
  • Participate in two to four brief online trainings or Wellness Ambassador in-services per year.
  • Support strategic health improvement initiatives such as: 
    • Encouraging eligible staff to take the online Personal Health Assessment.
    • Post and review the Departmental Well-Being Checklist for ideas on promoting a culture that supports well-being.
    • Using provided tools/tip sheets to deliver information at staff meetings or other forums that promote programs and events or provide education (e.g., 10 tips for a good night’s sleep).
  • Serve as liaison with UI Wellness to share questions from colleagues or ideas for programs.
  • Develop grassroots initiatives in work unit that align with university health focus areas (e.g., use bulletin boards, develop a healthy potluck day, organize a noontime walk, etc.).

What if My Department Already has a Wellness Ambassador?

In some cases it makes sense to have more than one Wellness Ambassador—for example, if your department is split up into sub-units or different buildings. UI Wellness will visit with you, other Wellness Ambassadors from the department, and the local HR rep to determine whether this is a good idea.

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