Non-exempt P&S Classifications and Positions Under FLSA

Job Classifications that are Entirely Non-exempt*

  • Associate Communications Infrastructure Engineer (PIB1)
  • Communications Infrastructure Engineer (PIB2)
  • Health Records Associate (PRH1)
  • IT Support Analyst (PIC1)
  • Manufacturing Specialist (PRF1)
  • Revenue Cycle Representative (PVC1)
  • Supply Chain Associate (PBH1) 

For SEIU classifications that are entirely non-exempt, visit Non-Exempt SEIU Classifications.

Job Classifications for which the Exempt Status is Determined by Individual Responsibilities*

  • Administrative Services Coordinator (PAA1)
  • Support Services Specialist (PVD1) – Non-exempt in IRL Administration, the Patient Appointment Center and Service Excellence Ambassadors

All remaining P&S job classifications can have individual positions designated as non-exempt by exception.*

*The university may exceed the requirements of the law by making certain classifications and positions eligible for overtime, regardless of whether they meet the duties test and minimum salary thresholds for exemption from the FLSA.

Classifications and Employee Groups not Subject to Any Salary Threshold Under FLSA

  • Students
  • Graduate Assistants
  • Faculty
  • House Staff

The salary and salary basis requirements do not apply to bona fide practitioners of law, medicine and teaching.