Dual Career Services

Welcome to The University of Iowa community!

Dual Career Services (DCS) are designed to provide assistance for partners/spouses of recently hired UI Faculty and Staff. Dual Career Services staff are happy to assist spouses/partners with their job search needs and will assist with updating resume/curriculum vitae, job search techniques, and provide information on ways to connect in the Iowa City-Cedar Rapids corridor. If you have any questions about your job search and the employment opportunities, please contact the Dual Career Services.

How the Program Works

  • A DCS staff member will conduct an initial consultation with you to determine employment needs.
  • You will be provided with a resume/curriculum vitae review based on local market preferences.
  • When revisions are completed, DCS staff will assist you in connecting to local contacts and possibly open positions. The DCS has access to job listings with area employers and within UI.
  • DCS has extensive experience in all areas of the job search process and can provide a full range of services tailored to your needs.
  • DCS will work with you until you are employed or for up to one year.


  • Career coaching by experienced career consultants
  • Resume/curriculum vitae review and rewrite expertise
  • Assistance with interviewing techniques, including the opportunity for a mock interview
  • Assistance with cover letter writing
  • Advice on negotiating salary and benefits
  • Access to job openings at The University of Iowa and in companies within the Corridor area
  • Information about local companies, including websites and other resources

Please note: The program is a resource provided to you and is not intended to take the place of your own job search efforts.

Who Qualifies for Services     

  • Spouse/partner of a newly hired permanent faculty or staff member
  • Have lived in the area for less than two years

Those not eligible under these guidelines may request a general consultation with an Employment Services staff member.  You will receive a resume review and be given job leads, local community contacts and other valuable information to assist you in your job search.

To get started, contact Dual Career Services to schedule an appointment.

Additional Resources

Contact DCS

Campus address
102 University Services Bldg.
U.S. mailing address
The University of Iowa
102 University Services Bldg.
Ste. 21
Iowa City, IA 52242-1911

Frequently Asked Questions

The area between Iowa City and Cedar Rapids is commonly referred to as the “Corridor” and this area continues to grow and expand.  There are diverse industries in the Corridor from telecommunications and heavy manufacturing to insurance and finance organizations.  In addition to The University of Iowa, there are five colleges within reasonable driving distance from Iowa City for those looking for academic positions.  Keep in mind that this is not a major metropolitan area and searching for employment may require patience and persistence. 

The DCS cannot guarantee you employment because the DCS does not create job openings.  Whether or not you are able to secure employment will depend entirely on how much time, effort and communication you are willing to put into your search.  The DCS is one resource you may use.  Those DCS clients who are most successful are those who maintain frequent communication with their DCS coach.

The University of Iowa is committed to assisting dual career couples as evidenced by the existence of this program.  However, the fact that you are the spouse/partner of a faculty or staff person does not guarantee you a position at the University.  Departments across campus seek to hire the best, most qualified candidate for their open position, which may or may not be you.