UI LEAD: Rater Tutorial

Our goal is to support raters in providing objective and constructive 360-degree feedback to colleagues. Research and best practices suggest that raters should be aware of errors and biases that naturally exist.

General Recommendations for Enhancing Objectivity

  1. Be aware of the possible biases described below.
  2. Rate each behavior assessed independent from others.
  3. Consider the range of experiences you have had with this individual, not the first or the last. 
  4. If the individual modified his/her behaviors in the past few months, assess the new patterns of behavior.
  5. If you have not observed the behavior in question, select “N/A.”
  6. Provide constructive written comments. All narrative comments will be reported as written. 

 Understanding Rater Bias

Literature on 360 assessments suggests that raters may be susceptible to unintentional biases which greatly reduce the effectiveness of 360-degree feedback. The best solution is for the rater is to be aware of these possible biases.

Halo/Devil Effect

  • Tendency to form a generalized (positive or negative) impression and rate the individual high or low on all rating criteria.

Leniency/Severity Bias

  • Tendency to be more lenient or severe on all rating criteria than one's peers.

Central Tendency

  • Tendency to evaluate an individual as “average” on all rating criteria.

Recency Bias

  • Tendency to base rating solely on the most recent performance/behaviors.

Resources for Raters  

Definitions of competencies (skills/behaviors) assessed:

Validity reports and research information from Envisia Learning:

Frequently Asked Questions

“360” refers to the 360 degrees in a circle, an all-around view, and 360-degree feedback is also known as multi-rater feedback.

A 360 is a way for multiple individuals, with different perspectives, to share feedback with a colleague related to his/her skill, performance, and leadership. Examples of raters in a 360 assessment include direct reports, team members, peers, and managers or administrators.

UI LEAD recognizes that individual development leads to organizational success.

"The better designed development initiatives employ structured 360-degree feedback based on responses from workplace colleagues....Learning is enhanced whenever individuals have some form of behavior feedback..." (Jay Conger, Marshall School of Business at The University of Southern California and author of Learning to Lead)

After your colleague (the UI LEAD participant) announces his/her upcoming 360, you will receive an email from Envisia Learning within one week’s time.

To: (your name)

From: Envisia Learning

Subject: UI LEAD Participant - Feedback Questionnaire

This email will contain directions and a link to access the online 360.

  • Standard deadline: 2.5 weeks.
  • During this time, you can exit and return to the survey. The Envisia Learning system will save your responses.
  • Automatic reminder: Envisia will send a reminder email mid-way before the deadline to all raters whom have not yet completed the online 360.

If you don’t recall receiving the email from Envisia Learning within one week of your colleague’s notification, please check your deleted folders. If you need another invitation sent to you, email clientservices@envisialearning.com or Barb Simon.