Leadership Development

Key to the  puzzle
Key to the  puzzle

It is our vision that the University of Iowa will have leaders at all levels who develop themselves and others to achieve peak performance. Our mission is to move individuals to the next level of professional leadership and to improve the effectiveness of leadership teams.

Leadership development is needed more than ever as a critical tool for an organization seeking to grow and adapt in today’s rapidly shifting environment. Our services engage individual faculty and staff and teams, providing focused attention and resources to enhance leadership skill and ability. We believe organizational success is achieved through strong leaders working together. In our partnership, UI and UI Health Care leadership coaches and trainers provide organizational development expertise to improve business and organizational outcomes.

Services for Faculty/Staff Leaders and Managers

  • Communication Coaching (one session)
  • Career Coaching (one session)
  • Skill Development Coaching (six sessions)
  • Leadership Development Needs Assessment
  • Leadership Team Retreat
  • Organizational Development (Workplace Consultation)


Leadership Development

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