Leadership Development

Key to the  puzzle
Key to the  puzzle

It is our vision that the University of Iowa will have leaders at all levels who develop themselves and others to achieve peak performance. Our mission is to move individuals to the next level of professional leadership and to improve the effectiveness of leadership teams.

Leadership development is needed more than ever as a critical tool for an organization seeking to grow and adapt in today’s rapidly shifting environment. Our services engage individual faculty and staff and teams, enhancing leadership skill and ability. 

    Development Plan


    Partnership Programs

    Conferences and Events

    Services for Faculty/Staff Leaders

    Leadership Development is provided via partnership with your local HR. Refer to the Workplace Consultation website for more information, or contact us for opportunities and insight before you invest in executive coaching or team retreats.

    Outcomes of Leadership Development

    We encourages participants to measure results of leadership actions as a result of participating in our programs.

    Participants working with Organizational Effectiveness (OE) coaches report:

    • 100% strongly agreed that their coach effectively encouraged a climate of trust and openness.
    • 92% strongly agreed that participation increased their productivity with greater than 85% reporting contributions to greater effectiveness in their departments.

    It was refreshing to talk about workplace issues with my [advisor/coach]. She knew enough about my situation to provide useful feedback, but was far enough away from the . . . details that she could offer an unbiased perspective on the problems I was facing.

    I spend more time listening to the people that work for me—I can tell they appreciate it.

    I am more open to staff. I am delegating more day-to-day duties and am considering how to do more.

    I am becoming more mindful of my behavior and how others react.

    Leadership Development

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