Recreation Membership Incentive Program

Program Description

UI employees have the opportunity to earn an incentive worth 50% of their monthly recreation membership fee (Monthly membership = $39.00/month; incentive = $19.50/month) by participating in the liveWELL Personal Health Assessment (PHA) survey and using Campus Recreation Facilities at least four times per month. Visit the Recreational Services website for information on facilities, member services, and fitness programs/classes


  • Active Faculty/Staff in a 50% or greater regular positions (House Staff and Postdoctoral Research Scholars are included)
  • Complete the PHA one time annually (each calendar year beginning January 1 or past 90 days)
  • Facility utilization of four times per month 

Get Started

Faculty/staff member initiates application process with Recreational Services for a membership. Memberships can be obtained at the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center, Field House, and the Hawkeye Tennis and Recreation Complex.

  • Recreational Services requires a one-time $39 set-up fee. This fee is the sole responsibility of the faculty/staff member and not included in the annual membership and membership incentive.
  • Faculty/staff member must authorize monthly payroll deduction as the payment method.
  1. First month - $39 set-up fee payroll deduction (responsibility of faculty/staff member)
  2. Second month and every month thereafter until membership is canceled – payroll deduction for regular, monthly membership fee
  3. Third month and every month thereafter until membership is canceled – incentive payment for membership fee at $19.50 per month (before tax). The incentive appears in the "Earnings" portion of your paycheck.
    • There is a requirement to use the facilities a minimum of four times per month. This is measured each time your valid University ID is scanned at one of the membership desks.

Note: There will be a one-month time lag on the incentive. (i.e. February visits will be used to determine the April 1 paycheck incentive, March visits will be used to determine the May 1 paycheck incentive, etc...). If you need to know your attendance records, please call Recreational Services at 319-335-9293.

Incentive Payment is considered Taxable Income and will be reflected on your monthly payroll statement. 

To complete your Personal Health Assessment or to check on when you last completed it, visit Employee Self Service.

Recreation Incentive Program Questions

• Increase your energy
• Improve your ability to respond to change
• Gain new ideas for improved nutrition, sleep,
physical activity, and weight management
• Receive accountability to make health changes

The University of Iowa is committed to a healthy campus culture for all UI community members. Exercise has health benefits and helps to reduce health risks associated with inactivity.

The membership incentive to University Recreation Facilities is for faculty and staff in a regular, half-time or greater position, including House Staff and Postdoctoral Research Scholars. Eligible faculty and staff will be required to take the Personal Health Assessment one-time annually (beginning January 1) to qualify.

Note: Postdoctoral Research Scholars do not have access to the PHA, so their only requirement is to visit the Recreation Facilities four or more times per month.