Wellness Ambassador Listing

Wellness Ambassadors are listed below within organizational units on campus. If your org or department doesn't have a Wellness Ambassador or you have questions, please contact Megan Hammes, UI Wellness.

Org 01 - Office of the President
Area Name Location
Center For Diversity and Enrichment Kristi Murphy 18 PH
Org 02 - Office of the Provost
Area Name Location
Academic Advising Center Wanda Schwartz C210 PC
International Programs Kerby Boschee 1111 UCC
Registrar's Office Sara C. Sullivan 2 JH
Org 03 - Office of Vice President for Medical Affairs
Area Name Location
External Relations Jacqueline Kleppe 4148 WL
Human Resources Katie Schaier C109-C GH
Integrated Strategic Planning Julie Sexton C-136 GH
Shared Services Patient Appointment Center Jordan Winter 4 GH
Org 04 - Vice President for Research
Area Name Location
State Archaeologist Colleen Eck 104 CLSB
Division of Sponsored Programs Paul Below 2 GILH
Environmental Health/Safety Andrea Domsic 100 EHS
Biocatalysis and Bioprocessing Center Melissa Coeur C100 MTF
Office of the Vice President for Research Cheryl Ridgeway 2670 UCC
Office of the Vice President for Research/Office of Animal Research Nancy Kroeze L350 PBDB
Public Policy Center Sarah M. Banks 209 SQ
Institutional Review Boards and Human Subjects Office Joanie M. Neyens 105 HLHS
Org 05 - Vice President for Finance and Operations
Area Name Location
Business Services Administration Vanessa Steffen 200 PCO
Business Service Administration Jessica Voelker 101A MBSB
Business Service Administration Megan Walker 103A MBSB
Financial Analysis Karlyn Larson 4 JH
Facilities Management Brent Anderson 220 USB
Facilities Management Catherine Koebrick 220 USB
Facilities Management John Rutherford 230 USB
Facilities Management Erin Turnis 220 USB
Public Safety Elisha Hotchkin 808 UCC
Public Safety Travis Tyrrell 808 UCC
University Shared Services Deborah Dowd 403 GILH
University Shared Services Kathryn Klump 4251 WL
Org 07 - Human Resources
Area Name Location
UI Benefits Health & Productivity Joni Troester 120-32 USB
Family Services Diana Kremzar 121-50 USB
University Benefits Erin Litton E119 CRWC
UI Benefits Health & Productivity Megan Hammes E119 CRWC
Org 08 - Department of Athletics
Area Name Location
Student Athlete Academic Services Andy Winkelmann 115 GALC
Org 09 - Communication and Marketing
Area Name Location
University Communications and Marketing Pam Myers 300 PCO
University Communications and Marketing Debb Thumma 300 PCO
Org 11 - College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS)
Area Name Location
Art and Art History Lynne Lanning 122 ABW
CLAS Administration/Dean's Office Emily Haworth 240 SH
CLAS Administration Kristina Swanson 323B EPB
CLAS Liberal Arts & Science Administration Melia Pieper 1400Q VOX
Division of Performing Arts Kellie Kucera 1400 M VOX
Music Donna Parsons 5001 VOX
Division of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures Kelly Neppl 681 PH
Physics and Astronomy Heather Mineart 203 VAN
Chemistry Shonda Monette W344 CB
Org 12 - College of Business
Area Name Location
Tippie College of Business Lesanne Fliehler S206 PBB
Tippie College of Business Kelsi Ludvicek VAN158 PBB
Org 13 - College of Dentistry
Area Name Location
Dental Administration Victoria Green N300 DSB
College of Dentistry Jenni Peak N418 DSB
Org 14 - College of Education
Area Name Location
Education-Administration Chris Annicella N479 LC
Center for Evaluation and Assessment Valerie Decker 125 LC
Org 15 -  College of Engineering
Area Name Location
Computer Aided Design Research Engineering Jenny Simpson 116 ERF
Engineering Administration Kandace Munson 008E KRC
Org 16 - College of Law
Area Name Location
Administration Carolyn Tappan 286 BLB
Administration Janey Piersall 276 BLB
Org 17 - College of Medicine
Area Name Location
Anesthesia Heather Bair C607 BT
Anesthesia James Carillo 6 JCP
Anesthesia/Human Resources Kathleen Guthrie 8484 JCP
Biochemistry Briana Horwath 4-403 BSB
Cmed-Psychiatry Brandi Carr 2883 JPP
Continuing Education/Medicine S. Christine Land 100 CMAB
Endocrinology Laura Knosp C-44 GH
Ophthalmology/Cornea Lisa Milder 11251 PFP
Hematology and Oncology Rhonda Mattingly C32 GH
Urology Anita M. Fagerland 3246 RCP
Medicine Administration Linda Birkhofer 1216 MERF
Neonatology Karen J Johnson 8900 Z-5 JPP
Obstetrics and Gynecology Theresa Messlein 31142 PFP
Pediatrics Denise Crouch 4181 MERF
Org 18 - College of Nursing
Area Name Location
Nursing Kimberly Geguzis 101C CNB
Org 19 - College of Pharmacy
Area Name Location
College of Pharmacy Mike Sullivan 118 PHAR
College of Pharmacy Brenda Zobeck 118 PHAR
UI Pharmaceutical Services Nora Garda 1 PRL
Org 20 - College of Public Health
Area Name Location
Health Management and Policy Kimberly Merchant N242 CPHB
Org 21 - Institute for Clinical and Translational Science
Area Name Location
ICTS Deb Pfab 2100 BT
Org 29 - Graduate College
Area Name Location
Administration Sandra L Gay 201C GILH
Org 33 - University Libraries
Area Name Location
Library Administration & General Complex Catalog Sara Riggs 5020 LIB
Org 35 - University College
Area Name Location
Honors Program Donna Parsons 405 BHC
Org 39 - Continuing Education
Area Name Location
Division of Continuing Education Pam Emerson 250 CEF
Org 43 - Information Technology Services
Area Name Location
ITS CIO Office Heidi McLaughlin 2800 UCC
Org 46 - UI Foundation
Area Name Location
UI Foundation Christy Krogman 500 LCUA
Org 49 - Vice President for Student Life
Area Name Location
Office of the VP for Student Life Genea Bean 249 IMU
Hawk Shop Jason Eilderts Hawkshop IMU
Iowa Memorial Union Melissa Murray 286 IMU
Recreational Services Angela Charsha-Harney C201 CRWC
Recreational Services Matt Stancel E119G CRWC
RVAP Britt Griffin RVAP-LSP
Student Disability Services Kim Beitz 3004 Burge Hall
University Counseling Service Sally Robbins 3223 WL
VP Student Life Tanya Villhauer 249 IMU
Org 65 - Iowa River Landing
Area Name Location
Food and Nutrition Patient Services Natalia Hauck 4501 IRL
Heart Center/Cardiac Rehab (CHAMPS) Darin Gylten 1100 IRL
IRL Pediatrics Angela Rasmus IRL
IRL Gastroenterology Sheila Stafford IRL
IRL Scheduling Regina Snyder 100 IRL
Org 70 - University Hospitals and Clinics
Area Name Location
Capital Management Jesi Cole SB6 HPR3
Central Sterilizing Services Lori Steffens 0802 JPP
Emergency Treatment Center Emily Sargent 1 RCP
Patient Appointment Center Jennifer Robertson-Lacey E230 BT
Patient Representatives Elspeth McMullan CC301 GH
DeGowin Blood Center Michelle Smith C250 GH
Engineering Services Admin Jayne Nelson C116A GH
Engineering Services Work Control Center Doreen Strabala 0023 BT
Environmental Services Administration Joanne Higgins C-161 GH
Family Medicine Laurie Stebral 01286 PFP
Food and Nutrition Patient Services Natalia Hauck 4501 IRL
Health Care Information Systems Jennifer Off 7920-94 JPP
Health Care Information Systems - Clin Apps Jean Hegland 1000-B43 HSSB
Hospital Information Management/UIHC Ellen Claeys 1000-D35 HSSB
Patient Financial Services (PFS) Sue Weinberg 3000-B35 HSSB
ES Management Sandy Bryant 0023 BT
Anatomic Pathology Judy P D Miller 5222 RCP
Rehabilitation Therapy Physical Therapy Sports Medicine Center Mike Shaffer 107 OSMR
Safety & Security Leslie Bailey 0081-B RCP
Social Services/Spiritual Services Anna Hernandez C124 GH
UI Children's Hospital Outpatient, SFCH Dimitra Panos LL2 PEDS Procedure Suite
Work Injury Recover Center Nipa Patel 1275-E JPP
Org 70 - UI Health Care/Nursing
Area Name Location
Ambulatory Surgery Center Gail O'Donnell 4 PFP
Ambulatory Surgery Center Mary Dole Ritter 41670 PFP
ISS/Burn Juanita Buks 8 JCP
ISS/Burn Audrey Ferguson 8 JCP
Cancer Center Clinic Jerri Ranson 21602 PFP
Cancer Center Clinic Natalie Knezevich 21602-1 PFP
Cancer Center Clinic Ronnie Chalupa 21602 PFP
MSS/DDCCL Judy Swift 4 JCP
Central Nursing Office/Research Renee Gould T100 GH
ASC Pre and Post Op Mary Dole-Ritter 41107 PFP
CCM/Inpatient Case Management Deborah Kohler C41-Z GH
Central Nursing Office/Research Jennette Maier 6526 JCP
ISS-OR/PACU Janessa Potratz 41670 PFP
ISS/Neuroscience Kathy Riley Stratton 6 JC JCP
ISS/IPCU Linda Lintz 7 JCP
MSS/Dermatology Clinic Kimyca Bryant 3 PFP
MSS/MEDCAR Katherine Schroeder 4 JCW
ISS/MICU Tyler Shelby 5 RCE RCP
OR/Blk 8 Shashona Brandon Blk3 JCP
IRL Pediatrics Angela Rasmus IRL
CWS/PICU Rebecca Harman 7 JPP
CWS/NIC 2 Laura Corbett 7039 RCP
CWS/NIC 1 Kristi Haughey 6 JPP
CWS Pediatric Hematology Denise Bral 3 JCP
CWS/Pediatric Hematology Heather Eastman 3 JCP
CWS/SNUCW Katy Trump C403-A GH
CWS/Pediatric Specialty Clinic Alex Anderson 2 JCP
CWS/Pediatric Specialty Clinic Emily Holecek 2 JCP
CWS/Pediatric Specialty Clinic Monica Keleher 2 JCP
CWS/Pediatric Specialty Clinic Katy Reiling 2 JCP
Obstetrics Inpatient Heidi Bernard 6732 JPP
Obstetrics & Gynecology Lastascia Coleman 5231 PFP
CWS/6JPP OB Sharon Wolbers 6700 JPP
CWS/Mother Baby Care Unit Ann Miller 6 JPP
OR/MOR Anna Keller 5 JCP
OR/PACU Kathy Jones 6527 JCP
MSS EYECL EYE Patricia Koffron PFP
MSS Radiation Oncology Loraine Brenner LL PFP
Orthopedic Clinic Susan Kloos 01074 JPP
SNICU Kelsey Lorenzen 5 JPP
University Employee Health Clinic Ashley Hinman 1097 BT
Org 80 - Psychiatric Hospital
Area Name Location
NRS/SON/1JPW Jane Kinney 1 JPW  JPP
Org 85 - Center for Disabilities and Development (CDD)
Area Name Location
Center for Disabilities and Development Leigh Bradford S277 CDD
Org 90 - State Hygienic Laboratory
Area Name Location
State Hygienic Laboratory Administration Richard Bonar HLI
State Hygienic Laboratory Limnology Katie Spoelstra HLI Ankeny
Org 92 - Student Health/Nursing
Area Name Location
Student Health and Wellness Heidi Bohall E119 CRWC
Student Health and Wellness Lisa James 4199 WL
Org 93 - UIHC Affiliates
Area Name Location
Clinical Outreach Christina Collier 400 LS
Nursing/Children & Women's Services Julia Blake C403 GH
UI Health Plans Office Julie Sexton 136 GH
Org 94 - Health Care Enterprises
Area Name Location
Nursing/MSS Division Daniel Lose 6054 RCP