Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

The Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) is a Blue Cross and Blue Shield plan, which provides coverage for preventive care, hospitalization, surgery, maternity, well-baby/well-child care, emergency care for accidents or illness, medically necessary physician care, prescription drugs and mental health. In 2015, the plan is Classic Blue.

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How an Individual Uses SHIP

Health care under this plan is provided by various groups of health care practitioners, suppliers, agencies, programs, and facilities called Select Providers who have agreed to join with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Iowa to offer each student affordable health care. One hundred percent of the hospitals and more than 4,000 physicians in Iowa participate.

Non-participating providers do not have contracts with Blue Cross and Blue Shield.  They do not agree to accept payment arrangements and are not responsible for filing claims for you.  Non-participating providers may charge more for health care than participating providers.  Payment is made to you and you are responsible for paying the provider. Non-participating providers can bill you for the difference between what Blue Cross and Blue Shield will pay for a service and what they charge (balance billing).

Students may also purchase coverage for their spouse or domestic partner and/or dependent children.

Students are urged to take advantage of the services of UI Student Health and Wellness when they need health care. Unlimited office visits for General Medicine Services, Surgery, Allergy Treatment, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Mental Health Services, and the Health Iowa education program are included in a mandatory health service fee which is included in tuition charges if a student is enrolled for five (5) or more semester hours of classes. Students who are enrolled for less than five (5) semester hours may choose to pay the health fee and obtain these same benefits.

The Student Health Fee does not cover lab tests, supplies, physicals (including annual gynecological exams), immunizations, procedures (such as wart removal) and other costs.

Many Services that are not covered by the Student Health Fee are available at Student Health and Wellness - such as laboratory and imaging services, physicals, annual gynecological exams, etc.  Any charges incurred for such services are the responsibility of the student.  SHIP may be used to pay for some of these services.

Family members are not eligible to use Student Health and Wellness. To receive the greatest benefits from SHIP, dependents are advised to use the physicians from the participating provider list.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance is mandatory for international students and health science students with clinical exposure. Students are billed for single coverage in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). If they want to add a spouse and/or are eligible for UIGRADCare and want that policy, they must complete an application.

Beginning with applicants enrolling for summer 2008, all new first-year students enrolled with 5 or more semester hours will be required to have health insurance coverage for the entire time they are students at Iowa.

Health science students must complete the Proof of Coverage Form, which is available in MyUI.

International students must provide us with a copy of their policy and an insurance ID card along with the proof of coverage form. The policy must meet requirements listed on our website. 

Beginning with applicants enrolling for summer 2008, all new first-year students enrolled with 5 or more semester hours who do not belong to one of the two groups above, will be asked to report their insurance status through their Admissions Profile in MyUI, the University's online service center for students.  Students without coverage, will be automatically enrolled in the University's Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). 

See the current student health insurance rates on the appropriate index page for
your student status:

Undergraduate Health Insurance (non-Health Science Major)
Graduate Student or Undergraduate Health Science Major