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The University of Iowa Layoff Networking Program is intended for non-organized Professional and Scientific (P&S) employees who have received a layoff notification or are currently laid off.

To facilitate the placement of laid-off employees at the university, they may use the following policy to secure regular, specified term, or temporary P&S non-organized positions:

  • This policy applies to permanent laid-off employees who hold Career, Specified Term, At-Will, or Probationary status.
  • Laid-off employees may initiate contact with colleges, divisions, departments, or laboratories across campus to determine what employment opportunities may be available.
  • If a college, division, department, or laboratory has a position vacancy and would like to fill the vacancy with a laid-off employee, the unit may do so both before and during the advertising period on Jobs at Iowa. If a laid-off applicant is selected during the advertising process, the department will notify applicants that the search has been discontinued due to a university laid-off employee being selected.
  • If a college, division, department, or laboratory does not have a vacant position, but wishes to hire the laid-off employee, the unit can create a new position by completing a Position Change Form (reason: new position) and attaching a copy of a local job description.
  • Preliminary discussions between the employee and the department regarding salary and proposed start date will take place prior to offering the position to the laid-off employee. If salary approval is necessary, those discussions should take place with Compensation and Classification before making an offer.
  • If a college, division, department, or laboratory has funding for a vacant position and intends to hire a laid-off employee using the Layoff Networking Program, the unit must complete a Transfer Form, a Layoff Networking Transfer (if the Layoff Networking Program was used), and attach a copy of the offer letter, job description, the laid-off employee’s resume or CV, and salary justification, if required. If the unit is hiring a laid-off Career, Specified Term, Probationary or At-will employee during their layoff period (12 months following the end of their layoff notice) the department must complete an Appointment Form, attaching the same documents indicated above, and respond “YES” to the question on the appointment form “Is this a layoff hire?” Answering this question is important, since it ensures that the employee's various benefits and eligibility dates may be reinstated.

Specified Term and Probationary staff who move into a position covered by university policy, Chapter III for P&S staff, will serve a one-year probationary period. These policies and exceptions are covered in university policy III-3.1.

By accepting a transfer into a regular P&S non-organized position, a laid-off Career, Specified Term, Probationary or At-will employee will no longer have layoff priority or layoff consideration for regular P&S non-organized positions.

By accepting a transfer into a temporary position, the laid-off employee will retain layoff priority consideration, if applicable, for regular P&S non-organized positions until the layoff period ends. If the laid-off employee cannot successfully perform the responsibilities of the Temporary position, the laid-off employee will return to his/her former position and P&S status for the remainder of the layoff notification period.

All laid-off staff may request to make their resumes/CVs available to UI recruiters in the Layoff Resume Job Pool. This is a separate option from requesting interview priority or interview consideration. To make a resume/CV available, a laid-off employee must contact Compensation and Classification ( and ask to initiate this option.

Departments that find a qualified applicant before or during advertising their position on Jobs at Iowa may utilize the Layoff Networking Program to interview and hire the laid-off employee. If the hiring department would like to interview a laid-off employee, the department will be responsible for scheduling the interview.