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Workplace Arrangement Application Initiation

A verbal conversation with your supervisor is the best way to initiate an interest in or request a Flexible Work Arrangement. 

Once an agreement has been determined, employees will submit a Work Arrangement Application Workflow form to initiate the process.

Conditions to Consider

  • When, where, and how will you accomplish your job requirements and performance objectives (including participation in meetings, accessibility when working off-site, ensuring customers' and colleagues' needs are met, meeting deadlines) through the proposed arrangement?
  • If requesting a remote/hybrid work agreement, describe needed and available equipment, calendaring, communication protocols, and IT security requirements (including arrangements to maintain confidentiality and security of records, reports, and data).
  • Identify any distractions or obligations that might make remote work difficult and your plans for handling these.
  • If working reduced hours, have you and your supervisor redefined your workload and job requirements?
  • If you are a non-exempt employee, do you understand that all hours worked must be reported and that overtime requires supervisor pre-approval?
  • For each of the following groups, describe either in a narrative or bulleted format which challenges may arise (for example, ability to participate in meetings, teamwork, etc.) and which solutions you propose:
    • Your internal and external customers/stakeholders/students
    • Your team and co-workers
    • Your manager/supervisor(s)
    • Your direct reports, if any
  • How will you and your manager evaluate and measure the success of your arrangement in meeting your job requirements and performance objectives? Please provide both qualitative and/or quantitative measurements. Identify the review process and timeline your manager will use to assess the effectiveness of the arrangement. Please be specific and adjust the timeline to align with any organizational needs or fluctuations.
  • List and describe any cost implications—both savings and expenses—of additional equipment or other resources that will be required under this arrangement. Please also indicate who will be responsible for any expenses.
  • Include proposed schedule including start time, end time, and work location.
For additional resources, please visit the Flexible Work Arrangements section of the University Operations Manual