Building Resilience

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Visit the University of Iowa coronavirus website for the latest information about COVID-19 and the university's response. For help managing the impact of the crisis, find resources on stress, coping, and support.

We are living in truly unprecedented times. As we all work to navigate our way through a new normal, it can feel like we don’t have a lot of control. The American Psychological Association has identified evidence-based ways to navigate challenging times:

Top 10 Ways to Build Resilience:

  • Make Connections
  • Avoid seeing crisis as insurmountable problems
  • Accept that change is a part of living
  • Move towards your goals
  • Take Decisive Actions
  • Look for Opportunities for Self-Discovery
  • Nurture a Positive View of Yourself
  • Keep things in perspective
  • Maintain a Hopeful Outlook
  • Take Care of Yourself

    Skill-Building Videos

    Employee Assistance Program, Family Services, and UI Wellness staff have distilled these  key points into short videos. We encourage you to view these individually or share and discuss at departmental meetings.

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