Workplace Consultation

Organizational Development (OD) supports University Human Resources' mission in shaping an inclusive culture that drives excellence and innovation by supporting talent, engagement, and the employee work experience. OD consultation (also known as Workplace Consultation) is a partnership with your HR representatives. Contacting your HR representative is the first step of seeking services. If you are wanting to briefly discuss our process and potential services, you may also contact us at

During a consultation, you will collaborate with us and your local HR to assess (may include surveys) the challenge and determine strategies to effectively support the change you are seeking. These four broad categories represent OD services:

The Consult Process

Step 1. Partnering to assess and to answer these questions.

What needs work? What will success look like?

From the start, we ask that you also invite your local HR and leadership in your area who will be sponsoring the consultation and changes needed.

 Please come ready to discuss the reason for your request, including:

  • Organizational charts or reporting structures
  • Vision, goals, and strategic plan
  • Overall performance and engagement, and Working @ Iowa results
  • Clarity of the changes you are seeking, actions taken, and anticipated needs
  • At the start of the consult process, we can discuss if training will be part of the improvements you are seeking. For more on training, visit UI Learning & Development.

Step 2. Determining the approach

  • Priorities and focus of consult are established.
  • Determine who needs to participate in process, and communication plans. 
  • Choose strategies to support change at individual and unit level.
  • Do further assessments if necessary, e.g. focus groups, interviews, surveys, etc.

Step 3. Contract for consultation

  • Goals and measures of success are agreed upon with leadership.
  • Roles and responsibilities of leaders, supervisors, faculty/staff and consultants are established.
  • Timeframes are developed.
  • Communication and feedback mechanisms are formed.
  • Assessment and evaluation of the changes are planned. (e.g. interviews, surveys, etc.)

Step 4. Implementation

What OD provides: Tools, facilitation, and structure for change.

What the unit/department/college provides: Ownership of the initiative and outcome, communication of the need for change and implementation, respect and inclusion of multiple perspectives.

  • Planned actions by unit leadership, HR, and OE occur.
  • Ongoing assessment and feedback.
  • Regular communication is maintained.

Step 5. Evaluation and Closing

  • Outcomes: Individual, group and consultants provide evaluation through closing survey.
  • Closing Meeting: Leadership, HR, and OE Consultants discuss outcomes and recommendations for continued success.

Step 6. Follow-up is available

  • OE consultants can follow-up at the intervals discussed during the closing meeting.
  • Debriefing to maintain improvements, and discuss changes, impairments, and further strategies and supports.

Workplace Consultaton

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