Spouse/Partner and/or Dependent Life

This voluntary program, available to faculty and staff, allows you to obtain life insurance for your spouse/domestic partner and/or your dependents (14 days old through the end of the month in which they reach 26 years old, unless the dependent is disabled; if dependent is disabled and classified as a dependent for tax purposes, there is no maximum age for coverage). 

If you would like to participate, you must elect or already have coverage for yourself under the voluntary term life insurance benefit.

Your dependent's benefit amount cannot be more than 100 percent of your own benefit amount.
For example: If your salary is $40,000 and you elect 1/2 x salary in voluntary term life for yourself, you must elect $20,000 or less for your spouse.


You may choose one of the following plans.

Coverage Option Coverage Amount 2018 Monthly Rate
Spouse/partner only $10,000 $3.49
$20,000 $6.66
$40,000 $12.71
Dependent only
(per child)
$5,000 per child $1.02
$10,000 per child $1.94
$20,000 per child $3.69

Spouse/partner and dependent
(spouse/per child)

$10,000 Spouse/Partner; $5,000 per child $4.51
$20,000 Spouse/Partner; $10,000 per child $8.60
$40,000 Spouse/Partner; $20,000 per child $16.40


Please note: this premium may only be paid after-tax, as a deduction from your net pay.

Each selection gives your spouse and/or dependents the life insurance as noted. The employee will always be the beneficiary in case of the death of a spouse and/or dependent. The contingent beneficiary will always be the insured's estate.

Plan Document

PDF icon2018 Supplemental Life Insurance Booklet (pdf)

For more information, please visit the main Voluntary Term Life Insurance Plan page.

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