Spouse/Partner and/or Dependent Life

This voluntary program, available to faculty, professional and scientific, merit supervisory exempt, merit, and house staff, allows you to obtain life insurance for your spouse/domestic partner and/or your children (14 days old through the end of the month in which they reach 26 years old, unless the dependent is disabled; if dependent is disabled and classified as a dependent for tax purposes, there is no maximum age for coverage). 

If you would like to participate you have the choice of six programs. Each selection gives your spouse and/or dependents the life insurance as noted. The employee will always be the beneficiary in case of the death of a spouse and/or dependent. The contingent beneficiary will always be the insured's estate.


You may choose one of the following plans. Please note: this premium may only be paid after-tax, as a deduction from your net pay.

Coverage Option Coverage Amount 2017 Monthly Rate 2018 Monthly Rate
Spouse/partner only $10,000 $3.49 $3.49
$20,000 $6.66 $6.66
$40,000 $12.71 $12.71
Dependent only $5,000 per child $1.02 $1.02
$10,000 per child $1.94 $1.94
$20,000 per child $3.69 $3.69
Spouse/partner and dependent $10,000 Spouse/Partner; $5,000 per child $4.51 $4.51
$20,000 Spouse/Partner; $10,000 per child $8.60 $8.60
$40,000 Spouse/Partner; $20,000 per child $16.40 $16.40