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Health and Dental Insurance

Faculty and staff who receive compensation from the University of Iowa may be eligible for temporary health and/or dental insurance.

There are two health plans to choose from, UISelect and UIChoice and one dental plan, called Dental II.

Gender Transition - All of the health plans offered through the University of Iowa provide benefits for medically necessary covered services associated with gender transition when ordered by a health professional. Please contact Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield at 800-643-9724 for more information and to discuss the gender transition medical policy. 


The temporary employee must:

  • be anticipated to work 50 percent or greater time,
  • and be appointed for at least six months.

Faculty and staff who do not receive compensation from the University of Iowa are not eligible to purchase insurance through the university. Please email benefits, or call University Benefits at 319-335-2676 to determine eligibility and request temporary insurance enrollment forms.

Employee Purchases Insurance

If a temporary employee is eligible and wants to purchase health and/or dental insurance through the university, they may contact University Benefits and request an enrollment form to be sent to them by emailing

2021 Rates (no contribution)

Employee +
Employee +
UISelect $597 $1,427 $1,164 $1,528
UIChoice $717 $1,712 $1,397 $1,834
Dental II $45 $93 $100 $133

The university billing office will bill you monthly for these premiums or you may set up your insurance billing to be deducted from a bank account. Insurance charges for temporary insurance cannot be deducted from paychecks.

Once you have completed the enrollment form and necessary documents for payment, please submit your completed documents back to university benefits. Insurance cards will be mailed to the home address that is listed in Employee Self Service. You should receive insurance cards within a few weeks after returning your enrollment forms. 

Departments Contribute to Insurance

Departments may contribute to the cost of temporary insurance by determining they will cover the full cost or partial cost of benefits for the temporary employee. The departments contribution selection must be the same as the employee's coverage selection.

2021 Rates (with department contribution)

  Employee Only Employee
+ Spouse
+ Child
  (Dept Cost / Empl Cost) (Dept Cost / Empl Cost) (Dept Cost / Empl Cost) (Dept Cost / Empl Cost)
UISelect $597 / $0 $1,142 / $285 $931 / $233 $1,222 / $306
UIChoice $645 / $72 $1,370 / $342 $1,118 / $279 $1,467 / $367
Dental II $45 / $0 $74 / $19 $80 / $20 $106 / $27

To enroll your temporary employee into health and/or dental insurance with your contribution, please visit to complete the workflow form to begin the process. 

Retirement Plan Election

Due to employment with the University of Iowa, employees are required to participate in a retirement plan, either the Iowa Public Employees Retirement System (IPERS) or the University Funded Retirement Plan through TIAA. You have 60 days from your hire date to elect one of these retirement plans. It is an irrevocable decision and cannot later be changed during your employment with the university.

The following classifications of employees are exempt from retirement plan participation:

  • Adjunct faculty
  • Most fellowships
  • House staff
  • Students
  • Employment with the university of less than six months in length