Temporary Employee Benefits

Health/Dental Insurance

Faculty and Staff who receive compensation from the University of Iowa may be eligible for temporary health and/or dental insurance. The employee must be anticipated to work 50% or greater time, and be appointed for at least 6 months.

There are two options available:

  • Insurance billing may be deducted from a bank account or the employee may be directly billed. Insurance charges for this temporary insurance cannot be deducted from paychecks.
  • Departments may contribute to the cost of Temporary insurance by submitting a PDF iconTemporary Insurance with Department Contribution Form (pdf) to the Benefits Office. The department’s contribution selection must be the same as the employee’s coverage selection.

Faculty and Staff who do not receive compensation from the University of Iowa are not eligible to purchase insurance through the University. Please email benefits, or call UI Benefits at (319) 335-2676 to determine eligibility and request temporary insurance enrollment forms.

Retirement Plan Election

Due to your employment with the University of Iowa, you are required to participate in a retirement plan, either the Iowa Public Employees Retirement System (IPERS) or the University Funded Retirement Plan through TIAA. You have 60 days from your hire date to elect one of these retirement plans. It is an irrevocable decision and cannot later be changed during your employment with the university.

The following classifications of employees are EXEMPT from retirement plan participation:

  • Adjunct Faculty
  • Most Fellowships
  • House Staff
  • Students
  • Employment with the University of less than 6 months in length

Benefits Office

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120 USB
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The University of Iowa
University Benefits Office
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