How to Donate

The names of our employees who donate time to an individual are kept confidential. If you would like to donate vacation time to an employee listed, please fill out the workflow Catastrophic Leave Donation form linked below:

Catastrophic Leave Donation Form


How Your Donations are Used

Donated hours are an irrevocable pledge. Donations are not taken from your account until the employee uses them. It could be several months to a year from when we receive your donation form until the leave is used. In some cases, an individual may not need all hours donated; therefore, your donations may not be used. In these situations, you will receive an email notification from University Benefits to inform you of the outcome of your donated time. When the person's eligibility for the program ends and the hours are no longer considered pledged, you will receive a confirmation email about your time donated.

List of employees who need donations

The following individuals have met the requirements to participate in the Catastrophic Leave program. Please note: individuals may be participating in the catastrophic leave program but not appear on this list. It is optional for an individual to have their name posted. The list is updated weekly. Names are listed in alphabetical order by last name. Please email if a correction is needed.

List of Employees in Need of Donations as of 4/14/2023
Name Department Approved for
Family or Self
Amundson, Stephanie UIHC - Nursing Service Seflt
Bounds, Danielle UIHC - Care Coordination Dvi Self
Broders, Madyson UIHC - Heart Center Self
Daly, Kari UIHC - Nursing Service Self
Doster, Andrea HSVC - Regional Centers Self
Gammon, Nicole UIHC - Nursing Service Self
Goff, Nicole Cmed - Obstetrics/Gynecology Family
Jacobsen, Layce IRL - Pediatrics Self
Martin, Jessica VPFO - FM Custodial Services Self
Mathias, Melissa UIHC - Nursing Service Self
McNeil, Elizabeth UIHC - Nursing Service Self
Miller, Jill UIHC - Neurology Family
Novak, Nicole CPUB - Community Behavioral Health Family
Novak, Nicole CPUB - Community Behavioral Health Self
O'Day, Nicole UIHC - Respiratory Care Self
Pollion, Karen VPFO-FM Custodial Services Self
Rios, Laura UIHC - Childrens Hospital Outpatient Self
Sickles, Angela CMED - Pediatrics  Self
Stumpf-Duwa, Cailee VPMA - Patient Access Center Self
Waldschmidt, Kayla IRL - Dermatology Family
Wieditz, Dominique UIHC - Pathology Self
Wylam, Nancy UIHC - Nursing Service Family