How to Donate

The names of our employees who donate time to an individual are kept confidential. If you would like to donate vacation time to an employee listed, please fill out the workflow Catastrophic Leave Donation form linked below:

Catastrophic Leave Donation Form


How Your Donations are Used

Donated hours are an irrevocable pledge. Donations are not taken from your account until the employee uses them. It could be several months to a year from when we receive your donation form until the leave is used. In some cases, an individual may not need all hours donated; therefore, your donations may not be used. In these situations, you will receive an email notification from University Benefits to inform you of the outcome of your donated time. When the person's eligibility for the program ends and the hours are no longer considered pledged, you will receive a confirmation email about your time donated.

List of employees who need donations

The following individuals have met the requirements to participate in the Catastrophic Leave program. Please note: individuals may be participating in the catastrophic leave program but not appear on this list. It is optional for an individual to have their name posted. The list is updated weekly. Names are listed in alphabetical order by last name. Please email if a correction is needed.

List of Employees in Need of Donations as of 05/24/2024
NameDepartmentApproved for
Family or Self
Abrams, KathrynCedu- UI ReachSelf
Bauer, JosephUI Health Care - Nursing ServiceSelf
Boylan, SarahUI Health Care - Nursing ServiceFamily
Bracken, LaurenCmed - Internal MedicineSelf
Burns, JenniferUI Health Care - Nursing ServiceSelf
Dix, JennySlif - Campus Dining OperationsFamily
Etter, AndreaUI Health Care- Heart CenterFamily
Garcia, ElfidoUI Health Care - Environmental ServicesSelf
Heneke-Benischek, AlyciaUI Health Care - Care Coordination DivSefl
Horn, HeidiCD&D - SchedulingFamily
Jones, StacyCden - Dental Clinic AdministrationSelf and Family
Kuehl, BrendaUI Health Care - Off Campus Spclty ClinicSelf
Martensen, SierraVPMA - Patient Access CenterSelf
Miranda, EmilyCD&D SchedulingSelf
Mothershead, NolanDTH - CVS AdministrationSelf
Olson, AshleyUI Health Care - Nursing ServiceSelf
Pechous, SelmaUI Health Care - Children's Hospital OutptSelf
Rickels, BaileyUI Health Care - Level 1 Trauma ProgramFamily
Schrock, KellyUI Health Care - Johnson Cnty Fmly CareSelf
Simpson, EmileeUI Health Care - Nursing ServiceSelf
Smith, AmandaDTH - ObGyn AdminSelf
Utter, ElizabethUI Health Care - Off-Campus Specialty ClinicSelf
Werkmeister, GlendaUI Health Care - Food and Nutrition ServiceSelf