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If you had a wish list for what you could do better as a leader what would that entail? The answers frequently include items such as “I wish I had a group of peers I could talk with about what I’m encountering,” “I want to know my own strengths so I can be more effective,” or “I know what I want to do but want some assistance on how I can best achieve the goal(s).” UI LEAD seeks to have leaders know themselves well enough to play to their strengths, set individual leadership goals, and to build a network where challenges faced can be discussed openly and honestly.

The UI LEAD offers you an opportunity to experience a program that is:

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  • Growth-Centered – Enhanced opportunities for networking, peer-led development, and identifying strengths to be a more effective leader. 
  • Collaborative – Participants work with their coach and their peers to develop their leadership goals and address issues that are important to you.
  • Connective – UI LEAD coaches meet one-on-one with participants to facilitate learning, provide insight, and can provide additional resources.


Enrollment Process

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Participant Expectations

  1. Commit time for you to better yourself. If you want to be better leader, you must allot time for yourself to experience growth. You will become a better leader and a better supervisor, if that is the role you will be or are in currently. Before committing to UI LEAD participation, review the 2024 UI LEAD High Level Schedule to ensure programming dates align with your upcoming workload. 
  2. Be present in the events and activities within the program. As the saying goes, you get out what you put in. If you bring the vulnerabilities you have as a leader, you will be better for it. 
  3. Acknowledge that your supervisor knows you’re here. Often, they are the individuals that nominated you to be in this program. Ideally, you’ll have conversations about what learn and how you want or intend to apply those learnings as you progress and later complete the program. 

Please reach out to for any questions regarding UI LEAD.