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Managing performance requires much more than annual evaluations—it’s an ongoing process of creating a work environment that helps individuals perform to the best of their abilities. It recognizes that your every interaction with a colleague is an opportunity for learning.

This section of the Supervisors’ Toolbox focuses on performance coaching, evaluation best practices, and how to address performance-management challenges.

Training Materials

Videos, handouts, and more from Supervisor Training@Iowa courses


Policy Guide

Find policies related to performance management and coaching

Performance Info and Resources

Provide feedback, set goals, and address performance issues

Where to Go for Help

College/Org Senior HR Leaders and Faculty HR Contacts: Start here with questions about performance management. Your local senior HR leader or faculty HR contact can refer to other resources as needed.

Organizational Effectiveness: A unit of University Human Resources, Organizational Effectiveness provides tools and guidance for effective performance evaluations (along training and resources on topics including leadership, organizational improvement, rewards and recognition, and much more).

Contact Organizational Effectiveness with questions about:

  • Annual performance evaluation processes and deadlines
  • Performance evaluation systems and tools
  • Performance descriptors
  • General info and advice for conducting performance reviews

Employee and Labor Relations: Also a unit of University Human Resources, Employee and Labor Relations helps manage the relationship between the university and its employees, with special emphasis on resolving problems that stem from work situations.

Contact Employee and Labor Relations with questions about:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Investigations of employee conduct or complaints
  • Performance interventions and corrective actions
  • Union contracts, activities, and grievances