Leave Resources for Employees

The University of Iowa recognizes that employees are diverse and have a wide range of personal and family obligations. Some of these circumstances can be complex and at times difficult, potentially impacting an employee’s ability to be present and productive when at work. It is vital that employees strive to meet their individual responsibilities regarding attendance and use of leave benefits. However, when work absence is required due to health, University policy and best practices should apply to the use of FMLA, sick, vacation and unpaid leave.

The University has a Philosophy Statement on Staff Attendance and Use of Leave Benefits for all employees. Please remember that regular and consistent attendance is a requirement of the position you hold. If attendance is a concern, please work with your Human Resources Representative or supervisor to discuss your specific circumstances and needs. It is your responsibility to discuss your specific situation with your HR Representative or your supervisor.  Refer to the links on this page for basic information of about leave best practices and policy. For more information go to the University Philosophy, Rules, and Requirements Regarding Leave page.

If you do not have sufficient sick or vacation accruals and will be absent more than 30 work days for the same health condition in one year, you may qualify for catastrophic leave donations. For more information go to the Catastrophic Leave page.

Qualifying Reasons for FMLA Absence

My Own Illness
My Family Member's Illness
Child Entering Home
Bone Marrow and Organ Donation
FMLA Military Leave

PDF iconLeave Codes Descriptions (pdf)
FMLA Rights and Responsibilities Poster (pdf)