Building Resilience

Hands holding a piece of paper and tearing the "'t" from the words "I can't" to read "I can"
Hands holding a piece of paper and tearing the "'t" from the words "I can't" to read "I can"

Work, Life and Well-Being

Being Your Best at Work, at Home, and Everywhere in Between

Boundaries between the office and home life are often blurred. No longer do we work a tidy, predictable schedule. Rather our work filters into our life and vice versa. It is important to recognize how the ebb and flow of this type of integration places demands to be your best self no matter what situation you find yourself in.

In an effort to address these issues, we have identified four areas that are keys to successful integration of work, life, and well-being:

  • Personal Sustainability is having the endurance to meet the demands that are required of you on a daily basis. It includes things like setting boundariesknowing your purpose and living by a personal value system.
  • Adaptability and Flexibility means that we anticipate, respond, and adapt to life's curveballs. The most rigid person can learn to appreciate multiple perspectives to enhance ability to grow and lead.
  • Physical Health is paramount in being able to execute on a daily basis all of the things on your to-do list. If you're not feeling well, you're not working well or able to enjoy the things in life that you appreciate the most.
  • Emotional Well-Being includes managing stress, practicing gratitude and optimism, and exhibiting emotional intelligence. It's about being your best and ensuring your frame of mind is supporting those efforts.

A presentation can be tailored to your work area that will dive into these four areas. 

  • Please allow 45-minutes for an interactive presentation and discussion.
  • We require at least 12 attendees.
  • Please call 319-353-2973 or email to get started with planning an on-site presentation. 

Building Resiliency @ Iowa

Resilience is defined as the ability to effectively respond to challenges and move forward in a positive way. Today more than ever, resilience is a skill that is needed in the workplace. Highly resilient people cope well with adversity and learn valuable lessons from challenging experiences.

Skill Building Workshops on Resilience

Any of the following skill-building workshops can be tailored to your department's unique needs and can range from 30-60 minutes. A Resilience Group Health Coaching Series is also available and can be requested through the link on our Health Coach page.

  • RESILIENCE IN THE WORKPLACE - A departmental best practices guide highlighting skills for individuals and teams to navigate change, utilize resilient styles of communication, and receive education on what we can and can’t control.
  • POSITIVITY AND WELL BEING - A toolkit of skills to address performance, self-confidence, and stress as it pertains to being resilient.
  • THE PURPOSE OF PURPOSE - Having meaning in one’s life and work is a necessary trait of resilient individuals. Learn ways to redefine yours.
  • THE RESILIENT LEADER - The Resilient Leader is designed for established and emerging leaders as they respond to challenges and changes on the University of Iowa campus. The 60 to 90 minute workshop looks at how leaders can be role models for resilience and instrumental in creating a resilient team.
  • HAPPINESS AND OPTIMISM - Focuses on the science of happiness, engagement, relationships, meaning and achievement.
  • EMOTIONAL AWARENESS - The ability to know what you're feeling and why is often easier said than done. Learn skills to manage your emotional experience for positive results.
  • SELF CARE AND STAYING HEALTHY - Intentional actions (often called habits) to take care of your physical, mental and emotional health are ways to build resilience.
  • PROBLEM SOLVING AND COMMUNICATION - Skills on coping, overcoming adversity, and clearly communicating with sensitivity to avoid problems before they start are main focuses of this informative workshop.

Skill Building Videos

Staff from the University HR units of UI Employee Assistance Program, Family Services Office, and UI Wellness have distilled key points from the workshop series into short videos.

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