Data from the PHA contributed to the expansion of the UI Support and Crisis Line.
Thursday, June 27, 2024

For nearly 20 years, data from the Personal Health Assessment (PHA) has supported well-being at the University of Iowa through workplace data, campus resource allocation, and impactful programming.

liveWELL strives to have more than 50% of faculty and staff complete the confidential survey each year to ensure an accurate reflection of campus well-being.

Data from the PHA helped inform the decision to expand the UI Support and Crisis Line this year. What was once a resource only for students is now available to faculty, staff, and postdocs due in part to PHA data showing a need for more mental health services on campus.

"When faculty and staff complete their annual PHA, we can offer expanded programs and services based on areas of need," says Erin Litton, senior director of well-being services. "To expand services in mental health, the Division of Student Life, Office of the Provost, and University Human Resources worked together to make the UI Support and Crisis Line available to our employees to ensure everyone on campus has support when they need it."

Take Me to The PHA!

Launched in 2006, the PHA is a short, confidential survey faculty and staff are asked to complete annually in an effort to encourage reflection on their personal and professional well-being. Insights from the PHA drive strategic decisions and ensure resources are allocated to meaningful programs and services like health coaching, the Emergency Hardship Fund, wellness grants, and personal training.

Recently, data has shown an uptick in financial stress, leading UI Wellness to pilot financial well-being programs across campus to learn the most effective tools to support our employees. The longitudinal data collected through the PHA over decades allows the university to note trends and changes – such as financial stress and mental health – in employee well-being over time.

Other benefits of completing the PHA include:

  • Entry into a monthly drawing for two chances to win $250
  • Discounted membership to recreational facilities on campus
  • Free health coaching and referral programs
  • Health and well-being reports tailored to you with tips for living a healthy lifestyle

Aggregate data from the PHA is shared with campus partners who use it to advocate for additional resources, conduct research, measure the effectiveness of programs and services, and enhance the culture of their department or unit.

You can complete this short survey in Employee Self-Service. It is intended to take less than 20 minutes and can be done during the workday.