Payroll Calendars

Payroll Services operates on a biweekly schedule for hourly employees and a monthly schedule for salaried employees.

Biweekly employees are paid every other Tuesday.  If that Tuesday is a federal holiday, then pay day is the next business day. All time records need to be turned in and approved by the previous Wednesday at 5pm in order to be paid.

The biweekly payroll schedule provides pay period dates, time record due dates, and check issue dates for the biweekly pay periods.

Monthly employees are paid on the first of the month. When pay day falls on a weekend or holiday, paychecks are issued on the first business day after the first of the month. All changes, including direct deposit and W-4 forms, need to be submitted by five working days from the end of the month.

The payroll calendar includes all important payroll dates and cut-offs. 

Academic year schedule

Fiscal year appointments