Layoff and Furlough Resources

The layoff process is difficult, and it is important to have easy access to information and resources.

What to do first

Even if you don't have time to read all the material you've received, or if you don't feel like it immediately, make sure to take care of these five things.

  1. Review the information specific to your job classification to learn about your rights and responsibilities.
  2. Know about your benefits. Some deadlines are extremely important and can affect what happens to your health or retirement benefits. See the benefits handout in your packet or contact the Benefits Office to schedule an appointment with a benefits specialist.
  3. Review your paycheck for automatic payroll deduction items. Cancel those you will no longer need by contacting the specific departments on campus (i.e. Parking Office to cancel Parking deduction).
  4. Connect with Iowa Workforce Development to find out information about unemployment insurance benefits.
  5. Think about contacting our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to visit with a counselor. The EAP provides free confidential psychological counseling for you and your family members, and referral for free financial counseling consultation.
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