Catastrophic Leave Employee Donations



  • Faculty and staff who accrue vacation may donate vacation hours under the catastrophic leave program.


  • Complete the correct donation form (PDF iconEmployee Catastrophic Illness Donation Form (pdf) or PDF iconFamily Catastrophic Illness Donation Form (pdf)) and send the completed form to University Benefits.
  • You will receive email notification when the donation is used.(Note: The donated leave is not taken from your bank until the recipient actually needs it. Donated hours are irrevocably pledged; however, it could be up to a full year from the time you make your pledge until the donated leave is used. If your hours are no longer needed, your donation form will be returned to you, and your hours are no longer considered pledged.  Once hours are pledged they cannot be returned before the recipient leaves the program unless the donor terminates employment.

Frequently Asked Questions

The leave is not taken from your account until the employee actually needs it. It could be several months to over a year from the time we receive your donation form until the leave is used.

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