Tax Information

Withholding Allowance Certificates (W-4)

A withholding allowance certificate is required to be completed for the state in which you perform the services for the University of Iowa. Some states use the Federal Form W-4 as they do not have their own W-4 form. The State of Iowa has a reciprocal agreement with the State of Illinois.  If you are a resident of Illinois and working in Iowa you may choose to have Illinois withholding. Completion of the Iowa W-4 and Illinois W-4 can be done directly on Employee Self Service, except when you are claiming EXEMPT or claiming a large number of allowances then you must complete the paper form. Paper copy links for the following can also be found on Employee Self Service. Reminder: It is good idea to review these W-4 forms in December of every year to see if any changes need to be made. Also, if you do claim EXEMPT, you MUST complete a new Form W-4 by February 15 of each year.

Nonresident Alien Information

Fellowship Payments

For individuals who receive fellowship payments through University of Iowa Payroll Services, please refer to Fellowship Payments rules.

Student FICA Information

Students who are employed in a student position and are at least half-time undergraduate, graduate or professional students at the University of Iowa are exempt from FICA. For further details, please refer to Student FICA Information.

Paycheck calculator

To determine what effect your W-4 allowances will have on your net pay, you might want to visit the website, an online collection of paycheck tools.  You will need to have a copy of your latest earnings statement. All deductions listed under before-tax deductions are exempt from federal, FICA and state taxes, except for IPERS, TIAA and VRSP deductions; those are exempt from federal and state taxes. 

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