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The words layoff and furlough both describe reductions in workforce (also known as reductions in force or RIFs) that involve eliminating employee positions.

At the University of Iowa, the term layoff traditionally applies to Merit positions, consistent with terminology established in state Merit rules. The term furlough traditionally applies to Professional and Scientific (P&S) positions. (Temporary workforce reductions or mandatory unpaid leave may be colloquially referred to as "temporary furloughs." Information presented here focuses on permanent P&S furloughs.)

Layoff and furlough processes differ according to appointment type and status. This section outlines these processes. 

Policies and Rules

Layoff and furlough policies differ by appointment type. Learn what applies in your situation.

Layoff Process

Layoffs involve permanent reductions in Merit staff positions. Review typical steps in the layoff process.

Furlough Process

Furloughs involve reductions in Professional and Scientific (P&S) staff. Review the furlough process.