Career Status Employees

If you are a Career Status employee with the University of Iowa, and receive notification of permanent layoff or reduction in the percent of time, Compensation and Classification and your HR representative can offer assistance in finding another job.

Your furlough consideration will consist of the following during your notice period and for 12 months following termination:

Furlough options and resources end when notice and furlough period expires (exception for EAP).

Staff will need to contact Compensation and Classification at if they want to initiate furlough priority for Jobs@UIowa listings. Once initiated, furlough interview priority will be applied to all professional and scientific requisitions that furloughed employees apply for, provided they meet the above requirements.

Career Status staff may also request to make their resume/CV available to UI recruiters. This is a separate option from requesting interview priority, and departments that find a qualified applicant prior to advertising their position on Jobs@UIowa may utilize the Furlough Networking Program to interview and hire the furloughed Career Status employee. If the hiring department would like to interview the furloughed employee, the department will be responsible for scheduling an interview. Making your resume/CV available will require you to contact Compensation and Classification at to initiate this option.

When you begin searching for a new position, you will need to review the available jobs at Jobs@UIowa. You will be considered for any open position (including any internal search) at your current pay level or below. You will be able to exercise interview priority for vacant positions during your furlough notification period. If you are unable to secure a position before the end of your furlough notification period and are terminated, you will be able to exercise interview priority for vacant positions for an additional 12 months.

To apply for an open position, you will need to create a general Jobs@UIowa profile. Once you have created your profile and would like to begin applying for open positions you will first need to:

  • Alert Compensation and Classification through that you would like to begin exercising interview priority.
  • After your furlough status has been verified by Compensation and Classification, the interview priority will apply for all future requisitions to which you apply that are at your pay level or below. 
  • Career staff who do not invoke furlough priority prior to or at the time of application will not be eligible for furlough priority status for the vacant position.

The hiring department recruiter will determine whether the furlough applicant (and other applicants) meets the advertised qualifications and, if not, will notify the furloughed applicant. Hiring departments will be responsible for making a good faith effort to contact furloughed applicants, are responsible for scheduling interviews, and will interview qualified furloughed applicants unless the recruitment is canceled or placed on hold. Furloughed applicants must be available within three business days of being contacted by the interviewing department.

Departmental recruiters may disqualify or waive the interview process if the furloughed applicant does not meet the advertised requirements of the position. The departmental recruiter will communicate with the furloughed candidate if they do not meet the advertised requirements of the position, indicating to the applicant the requirements they did not meet. If the furloughed applicant disagrees after further discussion with the hiring department and would like to pursue further consideration, they will need to contact Compensation and Classification directly at If you have reason to believe this disqualification is related to your status in a protected class, contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity at

A staff member with Career Status who is furloughed will not lose Career Status or their original Career Status date if reappointed to the same classification during the furlough period, unless the duties of the new position are substantially different, in which case the employee may be required to serve a one-year probationary period. If the employee successfully completes the probationary period, the original Career Status date may be retained.

If the furloughed staff member is reappointed to a different classification in the same or a lower pay level or in the same classification series, the staff member ordinarily will be reappointed with Career Status and retain the original Career Status date, unless the duties of the new position are substantially different, in which case the employee may be required to serve a probationary period of no more than one year before returning to career status and a new Career Status date.

If the employee satisfactorily completes the probation period for the new position, the chief human resources offices and associate vice president, based upon the written request of the appointment department, may approve retention of the original Career Status date.

If a Career Status employee returns within 12 months from the date of termination, the university will:

  • Reinstate sick leave
  • Provide the option to purchase vacation leave that was paid out at the time of termination
  • Adjust the company seniority date back to the date that was in effect at the time of termination
  • Reinstate the P&S Career Status date and benefit eligibility and retirement eligibility dates back to the date that was in effect at the time of termination
  • Reinstate priority eligibility for parking, athletic tickets, and any other benefits that the employee had at the time of termination
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