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Engaged employees forge strong connections to their roles, bring passion to their work, and become advocates for the university. Disengaged employees simply put in their time or—in the worst cases—undermine others or scare away patients, students, and colleagues.

This section of the Supervisors’ Toolbox focuses on resources for boosting employee engagement and, in turn, retaining faculty and staff. It addresses topics like conflict management, rewards and recognition, compensation, professional development, and more.

Training Materials

Handouts and more from Supervisor Training@Iowa courses

Policy Guide

Find descriptions and links to key policies related to engagement and retention

Engagement Info and Resources

Boost engagement, manage conflict, and reward performance

Retention Info and Resources

Foster growth, support wellness, and adjust to changing needs

Where to Go for Help

College/Org Senior HR Leaders and Faculty HR Contacts: Begin here for advice on engaging and retaining staff and faculty. Your local senior HR leader or faculty HR contact can answer most of your questions and refer to other resources as needed.

Organizational Effectiveness: A unit of University Human Resources, Organizational Effectiveness provides comprehensive professional development options including courses and workshopsleadership programs, and more, plus guidance for reward and recognition programs.

Contact Organizational Effectiveness with questions about:

  • Professional development courses, workshops, and series
  • Campus award programs
  • Creating your own reward and recognition program
  • General info on enhancing employee engagement

Office of the Ombudsperson: A safe place for any member of the university to discuss conflicts or concerns, providing informal resolution, mediation, and advocacy. Supervisors can seek advice or recommend the ombudsperson as a resource for employees.

Contact the Ombudsperson with questions about:

  • Confidential, neutral, informal, and independent consultations
  • Workplace conflicts
  • Issues related to evaluations, discipline, pay, etc.

Compensation and Classification: A unit of University Human Resources, Compensation and Classification can assist with adjustments to salaries and other compensation options, including flexible pay for exceptional performance.

Contact Compensation and Classification with questions about:

  • Compensation options and adjustments
  • Base salary increases
  • Flexible pay programs