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Engagement describes how employees physically, mentally, and emotionally invest energy in their jobs. The following resources offer advice and tactics for building engagement.

References and Links

Keeping Employees Engaged: Tips and best practices compiled by Organizational Effectiveness, with emphasis on regular feedback, recognition, and professional development.

Conflict Management at Iowa: Central resource developed by the Office of the Ombudsperson to outline topics, best practices, and more, including those specially geared to students, faculty, and staff.

Reward and Recognition Programs: Roundup of available campus awards and tips for creating local recognition programs provided by Organizational Effectiveness.

Flexible Pay for Exceptional Performance: Professional and Scientific and SEIU employees are eligible for Exceptional Performance and SPOT Awards that complement regular pay and recognize meritorious performance.

Exceptional Performance Pay for Merit Staff: Merit employees also may receive exceptional performance pay as governed by Iowa Board of Regents Merit rules.

See Retention Info and Resources for professional development, compensation, flexible work arrangements, and more.