House Staff Benefits

Overview and Benefits Enrollment

The Benefits Office encourages all new house staff to complete enrollment within 30 days of the contract start date.  Enrolling is a simple, two-step process:

  1. Review your benefits information.
  2. Use Employee Self Service to complete or review your benefits enrollment.

Benefit change request due to a family status change
(Follow directions for Faculty, Professional and Scientific, and Select Merit Staff)

Insurance Available

Other Benefits


Per state law, House Staff Physicians are exempt from participation in the University's required retirement programs.

  • Iowa Public Employees Retirement System (IPERS) or TIAA retirement plan - Fellow Associates only
  • Voluntary Retirement Savings Program - open to all House Staff who receive earned compensation reportable on IRS Form W2 and subject to federal and state withholding.

Additional Information

For information on purchasing insurance after employment ends or during unpaid leave of absence: Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA)

Dual University of Iowa employed spouses/partners and any children may not double insure each other or dependents under the plans where the University contributes towards the cost of the plans. This includes the health, dental, and AD&D insurance policies - an individual may only be included once under these policies.

Double Spouse Credit for health and dental insurance is available if the dual-employed couple are eligible for the UIChoice health insurance plan.

Federal law requires the University to broadly disseminate certain policies to faculty, staff, and students on an annual basis. The University of Iowa Benefits Office is committed to being environmentally friendly whenever possible while still accomplishing our objectives, so we have moved these annual notices online

Benefits Office

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U.S. mailing address
The University of Iowa
University Benefits Office
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