University Payroll Services is dedicated to providing reliable, comprehensive payroll-related services to faculty, staff and students. Payroll Services is committed to accurate and timely payroll processing adhering to federal, state and university regulations.

Payroll News

For a list of the most recent payroll tax withholding information and other announcements, see Payroll News.  

Payroll FAQs

  • Monthly payroll cutoffs are five business days from the end of the month.  Please make sure all departmental transaction forms are submitted prior to this time to be effective for the payroll.  Direct Deposit and W-4 forms need to be completed prior to cutoff and these can be done on the Employee Self-Service.  The monthly payday is the first working day of the month.
  • Biweekly payroll is run every other Thursday.  Please make sure time records are submitted by the Wednesday before.  Biweekly payday is every other Tuesday.

Select View Paycheck History under the Personal Tab on the Employee Self Service site to view and print your wage and earnings statements.

Please review your W-4 withholding periodically.  If you have had any life changes, such as marriage or birth of a child, these may have an effect on your tax withholding.  If you claim exempt on Form W-4 you MUST complete a new form by February 15 of every year.  You can enter the federal tax information claiming exempt on the employee self-service.  To enter exempt status for State tax, you will need to complete a paper form and return it to Payroll Services.  Paper forms are available under the Payroll Forms tab on this site.

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