Benefits Enrollment

Instructions for completing your Benefits Enrollment for the University of Iowa Benefits Program

The first step in completing your personal enrollment is verifying your dependent and beneficiary information.


Check to make sure the dependents listed are correct. You can make additions at this time. Later in the enrollment process, you will be prompted to designate dependents. Any dependents you plan on insuring need to appear on this list.

Children may be covered on health and dental insurance through the calendar year in which they turn 26 without tax implications. Coverage for single children who are full-time students or disabled can continue as long as they continue in that status.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has determined that if an employer allows employees to insure dependent children past the age of 26 who do not qualify as the employee’s tax dependents, there is a value that must be added to the employee’s taxable salary when reporting income earned on the annual W-2.

Taxable health and dental information for Faculty and Staff


Check to make sure the beneficiaries listed are correct. You can make any additions at this time. Later in the enrollment process, you will be asked to assign beneficiaries when selecting eligible insurance plans. Anyone you plan on assigning as a beneficiary needs to appear on this list.

In order to correct beneficiary or dependent information, or to permanently delete a beneficiary, or if a beneficiary is not appearing under a benefit area where you want to cover them, please contact the University Benefits office.

As you are enrolling online, there are a few things to remember:

  • You will always be the beneficiary for Spouse and Dependent Life Insurance.
  • Life insurance proceeds are divided between primary beneficiaries. Contingent beneficiaries only receive proceeds if there are no living primary beneficiaries.