Organizational Effectiveness

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Work and Strategic Goal Alignment

Do you know what the University expects of its leaders? Refer to the Leadership Competency Framework and toolkit for resources.

Performance Expectations

Learning how to set and manage expectations of those you supervise is a skill that can be learned and refined. Visit the Learning and Development Series site for offerings that can support your efforts to lead and manage the performance of others. Supervisors also play an important role in creating a workplace that is supportive of staff and fosters employee engagement. Policies on ethics, sexual harassment, etc., help in promoting that environment. Learn more about University policies in the Policies Manual.

For more information about goal setting, performance reviews and other performance related resources, visit the Performance Management website.

Work Life and Wellness

When you work with people, you can and will have conflicts. That is not necessarily a bad thing. Successfully managing conflict is a useful skill and help is available. A variety of resources, services and best practices are available on the Conflict Management at the University of Iowa site.

To get the best out of others you need to take care of yourself. To view resources available to support your health and engagement, visit liveWELL's Health and Well-being website.